The 3 R’s of Successful Advertising Copywriting

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Does copywriting influence your online business? – Surely, it does. The recent surveys have proved that professional copywriting increases sales on average by 50%. Actually, this number can increase twice – or tenfold – provided the content is really good. Psychologists and sociologists haven’t made certain yet why some words make people click the “Buy Now” button without any hesitation; however, some content creation gurus know how to produce such kind of effect. The most generous of them are even ready to share their advertising copywriting secrets with mere mortals.

The fact is that to build a highly converting copy you should keep to the 3 Rs: tell the Right words in the Right order and to the Right people. Let’s see how it works.

1.Choose the right words. Remember that readers don’t know why the product or service you advertise is the best solution for them. Of course, the list of features is very useful, but it doesn’t call to action by itself: to make the copy persuasive you should apply the functional approach. In other words, explain people how the product will help them fix their problems. Use spoken language as if you are talking to your friend, along with testimonials from happy customers and a money back guarantee that will establish your credibility. Another critical point of advertising copywriting is to find the golden mean. When emphasizing the product’s advantages keep from going too far: reserved admiration based on indisputable benefits is more effective than excessive enthusiasm and far-fetched statements, like “this amazing device will change your life once and for all!” while you are just describing a cutting board for barbecue.

2.Place the words in the right order. First work on a killer headline that will grab the attention both of potential customers and of those who weren’t going to buy anything (at least before reading your brilliant copy). In the first paragraph of your advertising writing outline the topic clearly, creating the problem and suggesting the only possible solution – the product you advertise. After that the bullet points come: make your copy scannable, dividing it into small paragraphs which describe the main benefits of the product. Include the most striking testimonials you can find (or create ;)). When all the numerous product advantages are described, inform customers about the price, without forgetting about money back guarantee and tempting discounts, of course. To make it more believable, invent a cogent reason, such as seasonal sale or some community preferences, like “only for the members of our forum”. At last, add one or several P.S.’s which are meant to create urgency and to call to an immediate action. The whole structure of the copy should be absolutely logical, with all points placed in due order. Like one can’t start building a house with roofing, you shouldn’t change the location of each ingredient, giving the price before the bullet points or ending by testimonials.

3.Appeal to the right person. That means: focus on individual needs of each prospect. The fact is that while most search engines are similar, people aren’t. All customers have their own expectations, hopes and tastes, so your copy has to meet multiple requirements at the same time. Sometimes a better solution is to create several advertising copies, if necessary. Determine who your target clients are and what they aspire for. Use psychology; for example, softly and delicately let the prospects know that you completely understand their pain and you’ve experienced the same, like “I used to be broke and eat only cornflakes, but one sunny day I heard about…” etc. Share the customers’ troubles – and you will be surprised how the conversion rate of your copy increases.

Finally, if you’ve used all the 3 Rs properly, they will bring you to the 4th one – the Revenue.

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  1. I never heard of these 3 Rs, but good advice…

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