The $50 Directory Submission Poll Results

Open topic | January 12th, 2008 | 2 Comments

The main reason why I started the poll about directory submissions that charge $50 USD one time to get your site listed (and in this case that would be V7N Directory to be more specific) is the sudden crash on my referral stats with this same directory (and in this case, I have to say I am sorry I subscribed for their referral only a month and a half before the penalization).

Before the directory penalizations the V7N Directory had a decent PageRank of 6 and with several PR4 and lower PR category pages and to prove that I did not consider it as quality web directory just because of their Page Rank, i also submitted my xhtml coding website to them and reported referral stats and how that traffic was interacting with my site (and there were conversions).

After the Page Rank update and their loss of PR I did not only notice a small decrease of referral traffic from them, but I also notice a huge decrease on referral commissions, all at once of a sudden. After i decided to join their affiliate program it didn’t passed long time enough to see a conversion of visitors I was sending through the affiliate link into paid submission, and within that same month managed to convert 9 customers (or it was 1 guy with 9 sites, have no clue, the fact is money came). To date, even tho the referred traffic is pretty much the same, the conversion rate is still 0 (cry me a river .. hah).

I was curious to know how much people relay to the directories PageRank when they consider investing money and paying for a submission, in this case $50 USD, and here are the results

There have not been too much of votes, you have voted 5 votes that $50 USD for directory submission on a (now) PR3 directory is too much, as well as 5 votes for No it is not too much, while 2 people voted Not really much. The votes might seem as they aren’t providing results as to what people think, but considering 5 voted for not expensive and 2 for not really expensive I’d say people do actually consider submitting their site(s) on V7N Directory.

Thank you all for helping me out to figure out what you guys like and what not, it is really appreciated. And don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed.

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2 Responses to “The $50 Directory Submission Poll Results”
  1. Im cheap. I wouldnt pay that much for a directory submission. Maybe if i was making more money i would be inclined, but right now ill stick to finding free ways for links.

  2. CatherineL says:

    That’s strange Astrit. I wonder if it was because of their page rank lowering, or has somebody been stealing your affiliate traffic? That is something I always worry about, but I can’t seem to find the best solution to stop it from happening.