Alexa toolbar for FireFox

Open topic | July 20th, 2007 | 2 Comments

Good news for many webmasters Mozilla FireFox Browser, there is a new toolbar plugin for FireFox available for download. The Alexa and Mozilla in collaboration have released the Alexa Ranking toolbar plugin for FireFox.

Alexa toolbar for FireFox

The Alexa toolbar plugin it takes very little browser space and it is positioned at the right bottom of the browser window with the features (displayed in the image) traffic, trend and reach rankings while in the top bar you will notice a new Related Links menu. Many webmasters think that the Alexa ranking is worthless and useless while many big ad networks such as Text Link Ads still use it to determine the traffic quality of websites.

You can download and install the Alexa toolbar for FireFox with few clicks (just as installing any other FireFox plugin).

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2 Responses to “Alexa toolbar for FireFox”
  1. martin says:

    I have downloaded alexa toolbar & placed alexa widgets on the website but no improvement there. Even I read on many sites that alexa widget, redirections are myth. Is that true? I need your feedbacks. Visit here to see (moderated link) alexa traffic ranking of

  2. The alexa ranking is supposed to rank your site based on the amount of traffic you receive. It is not very reliable for small traffic sites but it pretty accurate on higher traffic sites.

    The only way how the alexa ranking would and should raise for your site would be when the traffic of your site increases and not by installing the widget or what so ever.