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As time passes and I am getting more caught up with my PSD to xHTML business website and building new sites, I am always shorter in time to blog here on my Learn SEO Blog. Since the first moment I suspected I will become a “slow blogger” I urged to find ways to keep the blog alive and with fresh content. The first attempt was in late 2007 when I opened the doors for guest blogging then later one tried to remind bloggers on my article marketing to build links how-to post…but I guess neither that one worked, perhaps what kept bloggers away from guest blogging is the white PageRank bar? Well, there is a news for you PageRank lovers.

Google removes PageRank data from Webmaster Tools

Have you recently logged in your Google Webmaster Tools? Under Crawl stat there use to be a bar which displayed pagerank distribution for your site, well its no longer there. Wonder how long will take for Google to stop exporting public PageRank bar and discontinue all the PageRank toolbars. Haa panic? Yup, you are in complete panic, how will you now find quality links? Well if you haven’t learned yet to determine a quality site without the pagerank…then you are done. Big time trouble? 😉


The so much advertised new search engine operated by Microsoft, BING, has been almost on all the blogs and news medias for the past few months. Personally I haven’t been watching MSN closely enough as search engine, nor I have done the same with Yahoo, but recently I did showed some interest on BING when their search market was slowly increasing. Peter D has blogged about optimizing your site for BING over at Aaron Walls SEOBook blog and it contains some useful information’s. Pretty much whatever you have done to optimize your site for Google you should do for too. I will try to blog about my attempt on optimizing one of my new sites for BING in near feature.

Google Analytics now more Powerful, Flexible and Inteligent

I rely on Google Analytics very much for tracking purpose. ROI, Goals etc…everything new I learn about my site and visitors of my site is thanks to Google Analytics. Now, there are new features integrated with Google Analytics. Watch this video to know something more.

Guest Bloggers

Yet another reminder, as i know I won’t be blogging often as I used to (almost daily). If have a SEO blog, internet marketing or a make money online blog and would like to guest blog here register now. It’s all automated, so make sure you check your email to confirm your account. If you don’t receive the email contact me to activate your account.

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