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On yesterdays post I wrote about some free and/cheap techniques to build backlinks to your site. The methods I blogged about yesterday are by many considered old style, how ever for a startup blog thats not old style at all, especially if thats your first site you are launching and you still don’t have the resources and skills to market your blog or website online.

There is one more free (if you have the skills to write good and unique articles) or cheap (if you don’t have the previously mentioned skills) way to build backlinks to your site from relevant content pages, its the article marketing I am referring to.

What can be considered article marketing?

Many (just as I used to) get confused with the term article marketing and can’t actually give an exact meaning as of what it is or rather they just limit to one way of article marketing or another. So what is actually considered article marketing to build backlinks?

Every single article that you write on a topic you know, and is related to your site, which gets published on any other website, article directory another blog or even in forums and has a backlink pointed back to your site can be considered article marketing technique to build backlinks. Why I mentioned earlier that many will focus on only one way is because many take this technique and apply it only on article directories and totally ignore doing the same on forums or other blogs. So where can you actually apply this technique?

  • Forums related to your website and that has users that are interested on similar articles you write
  • Guest Blogging on other famous blogs that share similar content as yours
  • On article directories, submitting your article to the appropriate category

If you notice, on all three points I have mentioned the world “related” and “appropriate”. The reason is simple, if the article is submitted in a relevant website to yours it means that visitors of that site have interest for similar articles and a backlink from such sites has more value (for visitors, you and for search engines too). A seo blog article would definitively have non to very low benefit of publishing an article on a music related site, but it will have benefits if the article gets published on topics such as internet marketing, blogging, make money online and everything that is related to “traffic + money”.

The other benefit of using a similar technique on famous blogs, other then the amount of visitors that blog or forum or article directory will bring to your site is the fact that similar sites/forums/article directories will have a long life, and this means that your articles page will get aged as time passes and if it is a really good and quality article it will be also featured elsewhere and the page will get more trust in google and with it the backlink you have pointed to your page will do the same (get more value).

Small List of Free Article Directories

There are many quality and traffic healthy directories on which you can submit your articles, most of these directories are actually free of charge but have some guidelines to follow in order to make their site even more valuable (yup, spam is not allowed folks). However it doesn’t take a genius to find article directories, with a simple query in Google you will have over 28 million of results, aside those on the results here are some article directories you might be interested to checkout

Other then articles directories as I mentioned you could also publish your article on forums or even guest blog here at my SEO Blog or you could also take the opportunity and guest blog on as he is traveling to Asia.

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2 Responses to “Article Marketing To Build Backlinks”
  1. ator says:

    Very Informative. I too am in the process of building backlinks MySpace Layouts

  2. Great article! So true article marketing not only builds on backlinks but increases your website or blog traffic.

    You got it right on the money about submitting articles to “relevant” and “appropriate” websites or forums. Quality backlinks is what people want to get. It’s like publishing an article or post on The Warrior Forum about goldfish where it’s all related to making money online. It just doesn’t go!

    I know article marketing is a great way at getting one way links linking to your site. That is what people want is for people to read their articles and publish them on their own website. I know if people are looking at building website traffic and backlinks, article marketing as you explained greatly is something people should definitely do.

    Another great post! I know this is something I need to do more of soon to get my pagerank up again on one of my own blogs 🙂

    Your blog will definitely help many people make money online. Great information!


    Jamie Boyle
    Internet Marketer