Articles you have missed till 01-13-2008

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Okey i missed the Sunday round of articles you have missed. The main reason why I missed it is that I was overworked with the new design of xhtml coding which was finally published (still few small things to be fixed), then again my GF was home so I wanted to spend some time with her.

This month I also decided to enter in a seo contest. Today is the day 4 of the contest, and I haven’t done much for these 4 days. But I will keep you updated on whats going on. Now lets get back to what you have been missing reading during the past week.

Getting more readers tip

Many believe that my entrance on the SEO contest was mainly for the $1000 USD, even tho the price is high enough, what one would be able to spend to win the price would bring down the winning price way much lower then that, and I was aware of that. But the main reason is not the winning price as I explained in the Greedy or Grateful where all the money would be going if I win (and I would actually add another $500 USD). The main reason is gaining visitors, if the make money online bloggers gain visitors by exposing their monthly income for a seo blog where the targeted audience is seo newbies the best way to gain visitors is partecipating in similar contests, but I will write a better and more detailed post in the near feature.

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