Articles you have missed till 04-20-2008

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It’s Sunday again and it is the turn of articles you have missed reading for the previous week. Together with the articles you have missed reading for the previous week on this SEO Blog I will like to announce some news about the blog and some changes that have been made.

The first change is the position of the ads. I felt like the blog was too busy with ads that was making the content suffer a bit. I have removed the sidebar Google ads from the posts page but is still visible in the homepage. I have also removed the 468×60 ad in the homepage that was position between the search and the first post, moved that ad in the right header corner. I feel the content is now breathing much better, and I will update how this influenced the Google AdSense earnings at the end of the month.

In addition I am thinking to remove the Kontera ads as they are not performing well (read: click through rate is good, but pay per click is horrible) and the advertisement is not related to the type of the content that this blog shares with its readers. Aside the earnings and the “non related” advertisements I see the content to be stuffed with too much links and doublistings, if you ask me I would rather interlink with other pages and remove the ads to make the content breath better instead of doing the vice versa. For this reason I have placed a poll, please vote if you would like the content without the Kontera ads in this blog or with.

Third thing that gives me even more pleasure is the RSS feed counter raising slowly. The past days I saw the RSS feed raising and hit the 100 mark. I was expecting it to fall down during the weekend, so I believe it is normal and am hoping. What gives me pleasure is mainly the fact that the RSS count increases without influencing (or conditioning the readers to subscribe) it, but instead reminding the readers to subscribe if they do like the content.

I guess this became more like a post about what has happened rather then which are the articles you have missed. So let me list them quickly.

The above listed articles are mainly related to SEO where I discuss different thoughts and ideas of search engine optimization that one should be thinking about when optimizing his/her website for the search engines.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you liked I would be glad if you subscribe to my RSS feed and read the next posts from your preferred RSS reader.

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