Articles you missed till 10-05-2007

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I experienced different changes on the SERPs on this SEO Blog during this week, some were good and some were bad. But outside the SEO Optimization blog things went just great I would have to say, and I am preparing a new experiment for you guys (thanks to the funds I received from affiliate banners that keep up this blog live).

First of all, i would like to thank all of you for supporting this seo blog, I am so glad that many find the informations useful and my reader base is growing. Lets see some posts that were voted as good read by the visitors for this week.

Daily Blogging & SEO

After I published the daily blogging and seo article the readers (some of them) did not hesitate to take part and give their contribute to the article. I would have to say that it is not easy to blog daily and publish new quality posts right since the beginning of your blogging venture and especially when one has kids to care about and a daily job. Few blogging tips i wrote might help to manage your time and with the wordpress and timestamp feature you can beat the time.

You can read the article why daily blogging is so close connected with SEO and what makes blogs much easier to obtain SEO benefits.

Link Sales Business

This article proves that the link sales business is not over yet, many webmasters continue selling text link ads and for some the text link sales is their biggest if not main income resource. During the past years many people started selling text link ads on their website with the intention to create a bill pay website and succeeded to create a real cash cow website. A great example would be John Chow, which pulled $1,850 of affiliate revenue with Text Link Ads.

Do your seo gradually

Doing your seo gradually it really gives you a better view of what works and what doesn’t work as seo technique. More than that, it saves you from the hassle to receive a serious penalization from search engines and the most important is that doing seo gradually it will definitively help you experience those seo techniques in first skin and you can LEARN from first experience. Read this article, it is worth.

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3 Responses to “Articles you missed till 10-05-2007”
  1. Collin says:

    Ok SEo sites keep talking about how to work on your SEO but don’t really say how to or what to set up. Or did I just miss something and I am not saying this site does that either just a point I have seen.

  2. Well what more could they do than to talk about “how to work on your seo”, should they take your site and optimize it for search engines for you? 😉

    I mean, it is all right there, and no one can actually give you a strict DIRECTION that would work for you, since seo techniques are different for each type of site. Some niche sites need just a few tweaks, other niche sites need much more constant work.

    Now it depends on US (readers) to find those informations that we need, and you can BET that most of those informations are in the archives (means have been discussed) or they are about to come, but let me dig some articles in this blog for you which might turn useful.

    h1 and seo
    anchor text linking & seo
    importance of linkbait
    building your website thinking seo
    wordpress seo optimization
    seo and directory submission
    10 seo tips for wordpress
    measure keyword density
    find your keywords
    seo and backlinks power
    metatag description & seo
    title optimization
    image optimization

    and many more articles, the blog is relatively new, but it has already 8 pages (each contains 5 articles) related to seo in the seo tutorials category. But if there is some technique that maybe you are precisely looking for and it is not in that category, feel free to ask here. I will be more than glad to write about that topic if I can.

    Hope this helps Collin 😉