Articles you have missed till 10-28-2007

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It has been pretty active week and with loads of news and rumors and confusing thoughts, all thanks to Google search engine the master of creating buzz on their name and leaving us suspicious about what next is going to happen.

SEO Ramblings

Just some SEO ramblings for those that want to learn seo before i continue refreshing your memory on what you might have missed reading during this week. If you want to learn seo but you are one of those lazy kind of people that doesn’t like to read page after page than don’t feel abandoned because Aaron Wall the author of SEOBook has thought about you too and has prepared 3 SEO Videos (so far) covering some basic but crucial aspects of the on page optimization. The first SEO Video was about Google & SEO friendly page titles than followed with optimizing your meta description tags and domain name and search engine marketing. But if you like the traditional way of reading than it would be better if you purchased Aaron Walls SEOBook.

Reminding you to read

  • WidgetBucks and Hidden Links

    What a nasty way to obtain higher ranking in the SERPs.. well a pitty that it didn’t work because they got banned.

  • Final PageRank Update

    PageRank Finally updated yuppie hurray, no more of those What happened to Google PageRank threads on webmaster forums, well no…now there are threads like “Did your PR go up or down” or “What do you think about your new PR”. Anyway, lets see what happens the next 3 months.

  • Internal Linking to spread PR juice

    Learn how I spread PageRank juice to my inner pages with internal linking and if you are curious to know if I got improvements in SERPs than read the internal linking post.

  • Google, all about money

    Tricking the algorithm or simply making so that Google AdWords is the only advertising method online?

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  1. Nick Skeba says:

    Interesting articles there, I especially like the one about internal linking Click for Nick – Why not?