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Yet another Sunday, even tho many love Sunday because it is the day to relax and have fun with your family, most internet geeks (i believe) hate Sundays (and so do I). Mainly because the traffic (at least on my blog and other sites) slowly vanishes during the weekend starting from Friday night (people prefer to go out, which makes sense) than following to Saturday…and slightly starts to raise back up on late Sunday, as they need to stay home and get prepared for Monday working. But after all who cares about those things, right? (I do)

What did we missed reading this past week folks?

Unique Title Better SEO

As this is something you didn’t read anywhere before right? I bet you did, but you under rated that part of search engine optimization even tho the first thing we do is write our title on our site. It happens often that when building a several pages static layout that doesn’t have a CMS as background that we repeat the same title over and over on the inner pages. Similar thing happened to me with my xhtml coding services site, where the title was handled from all in one seo pack and it got deactivated accidentally. As result of having same title on all the pages I lost ranking in the SERPs, traffic started to vanish slowly and sales from customers that would find the site through search engines vanished properly. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want this to happen again to any of my sites.

I fixed that bug, and things start to get back to normal, and If I was not going to run any promotional offers and some marketing for the site my GF was going to receive a poor present for her bday (yeah, she is lucky, gets a present for bday and than after 3 days for the New Years eve).

Building Backlinks Tip 5

Umm Linkbait, the art of writing and the master of SEO, a powerful tool to build credibility and loads of free backlinks to your site. To do a successful linkbait is not really easy, and you should be very good at it, it is all about your creativity, the informations you share (should be one of the kind) and have the readership that can boost you some. Even if you don’t get the big guys as regular readers doesn’t mean your posts are without any value or no one reads you. There are way too many blogs of the same topic you talk, so you need something that distinguishes you from the rest in the blogsphere. Once you have the right post, just drop them an email and let the big guys know about your new post, if they like it…the linkbait is right there.

Guest bloggin on

In the SEO world, relationship is the key for many cases, the more friends you have the more people read you and the more people would most likely want to link back to your site (this does not apply when offering SEO services, but you already knew that right?). Since I want to build some friendship online I thought the best way to start would be allowing them to guest blog on SEO Optimization, maybe it was the wrong move since I have had one entry only and even he felt asleep somewhere. I will try another approach to this, I will drop an email to those people that I think do have something valuable to share with the rest of us here at this blog. So wait for my email 😉 in case you didn’t receive any, but would like to guest blog just comment on the guest blogging post.

SEO Software: WebLink SEO

It was one of those days when I had nothing in mind to write about, and it was the same day when I finally thought to agree with all the bloggers that advice to have a daily schedule of what we need to write, even tho that way one might end up in a short time without a topic to write about. In any case, I decided that Wednesday is the day of SEO Reviews, is it a seo software or a website.

I started with a SEO software called WebLink SEO, a seo software that does have some good tools but lacks on other aspects, we all do lack on certain aspects. More than a review this was a quick view of a software and the functions that can be used if you get the licensed version and not the free one. What you might not like on this software is maybe the look, but after all what we do need is a seo software that works and not that looks pretty.

Building Backlinks Tip 6

Social media sites as a powerful backlink building tool/method, think about social media sites the same way as for the link bait tip. You need to have a quality informative and unique on its kind post to be successful on it, it is easier tho that you don’t need the big guys for this type of marketing, but it helps. All you need is readers, if they like it they will add your site on social media sites and if your post gets enough votes you will end up on the homepage of the social media site. Once you are done there, and you know you have a quality post, the job is done, people will read you, will link back to you, will share your thoughts, will agree and disagree, the more conflict of ideas and discussion there is going to be the better is for you.

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