Being fair with your readers

Open topic | November 28th, 2007 | 2 Comments

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One of the first blogging lessons a blogger should learn is to be fair to its readers as much as possible. Even since I started the building backlinks series I wanted to test how general titles will affect the readers of this blog that read me through RSS feed and all those other type of readers through RSS that can read only the title such as BlogRush or through my page on rssHugger (later on created). In this experiment I have totally left aside the SEO aspect of titles and have kinda accidentally left behind my current readers shading the title and not letting them know what the article is about until they read it.

Even tho the experiment was successful and the CTR from BlogRush and from my RSS feed was pretty higher than from the other titles. The generic title as “Building Backlinks Tip X” (where X is number) tickled visitors to find out what tips the building links article shares this time, also the CTR increased from feed readers. But i had totally forgot about how would my users really act on this, they handled pretty good, until the article marketing tip wasn’t published.

Brendan from GH3 Cheats was the first (and only one) so far to alert me that the generic titles were confusing him and a more descriptive (specific) title would have worked much better and would be more fair to the daily readers of the SEO Optimization blog. After Brendan’s comment I felt he was right and changed the titles to ALL building backlinks tips to be more specific. Thank you Brendan.

Since are here
Since we are here, being fair and more accommodating to the readers of this blog I am thinking about creating a contact page in case someone has a doubt in regard of his seo work or would like to ask simply a question. The creation of this contact page will be left to your decision, would you want a contact page?

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2 Responses to “Being fair with your readers”
  1. PHP eBook says:

    Thanks for sharing the results of your little title experiment, I always enjoy insight like that.

    I think a contact page is always a good thing, though I usually figure that I can contact a blogger via commenting on the latest post…

  2. Indeed a contact page would be a smart move as it will give the opportunity to ask questions that people would rather ask in private instead of publicly by commenting. To be honest, would rather prefer public questions and activity in comments but whatever works is just great as long as we can help each other.

    Thank you for the head up 😉