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It is obvious that when we need professional web design we head over to a web design company, when we need press release (PR) we head over to a press release company and so on, same applies in blogging. When we need blogging advice we need to head over and read the professional bloggers blog, or rather, the blog of those that make living from blogging.

I am not a frequent reader of Darren Rowse’s blog, but from time to time I hop on there to peek what is he cooking at the moment on his blog. All of his post are pretty long and very detailed, he also likes to help his posts with descriptive images which makes all much easier to understand, but since he does not treat many of the topics I have interest off I don’t read it frequently, but this post sure reminds me that, when you need a pro advice than go to the pros.

The post is titled, starting a new blog? start with a mind map, even tho advice it is given in that post does not apply only to new blogs but to all blogs. From where I come they say “Stupid people try to remember, smart ones write down notes” and thats exactly what the post is about. It has happened often to me that I have remained without a topic to write about for the next day, and looking at my blog right now based on the Darren’s advice there is still a huge amount of posts I could of write. In many posts I have also mentioned I will write down about this on the next post, but not taking notes and stick it in front of the computers screen made easier for me to forget about that promise and hence not maintaining a promise and losing a new (maybe) valuable post for my readers.

The use of this advice, from a blogger that makes a living from this, is definitively valuable, it can keep you on mood and with topics to write about all the time, and writing on daily basis or even more than just one post a day turns a blog into a real, live community. Other than that, if a following post is related to the previous post this means that you are providing more useful content for your readers, and this is what search engines love as well as people. The more frequently you update your blog the more likely you will keep people on alert to come and see whats new, just as with busy forums, DigitalPoint for example, if you just start surfing on the threads that webmaster forum has one full day will never be enough to get all the informations as they get updated every single minute from people commenting.

You got a blogging tip for this SEO optimization blog? Write it bellow on the comments and I will pick the most valued ones into a new post with credits to the tip writer.

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  1. To come up with topics, usually im favoriting websites and articles. I also make sure I’m always reading a good book. In the worst case scenario, try a youtube video…

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