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Make Money Online | January 7th, 2008 | 3 Comments

Making money online has become easier blogging, people say. Don’t know about you, but one thing is for sure, blogging with WordPress makes things way much easier, you can even create that dynamic site you have always wanted without the need to create new pages manually, uploading it in your site, modifying the homepage and showing this new post there and with the help of the loads of free WordPress plugins turning a blog into a money machine is even more easier.

Blogs are also loved by search engines since if you post daily you do provide fresh content for readers (and search engine spiders) on daily basis to feed them with informations, gossip or news (is it SEO articles, Internet marketing, Making money online or anything you prefer, John Chow speaks about food and yet makes more money than what you would dream to be making). Since blogging became more and more used on internet the blogsphere became big enough to be able to play with it the way you want to obtain your assigned goals (John Chow was able to rank #1 by running Batches and stuff i.e. blog about me and I will mention you, neat no?).

You do most likely know about the Blog Money Makers in case you don’t let me name 3 most famous ones that make a living (or rather, can afford a living) just from blogging.

You do most likely know these three bloggers, and the only one that differs from the group is Darren Rowse which actually is a professional blogger (he lives from blogging). On what else these bloggers are alike? They do monetize their blogs, and of course their main income is not from blogging (at least not for John Chow and Jeremy Shoemaker, as far as it regards Darren I am not aware if he has other source of income rather than blogging, but he runs couple other blogs).

One important thing that these bloggers have (and you don’t) apart the knowledge (which is likely possible you have more knowledge but less guts) is their readerbase. John Chow has 14693 RSS readers at this moment as I am writing this post, Jeremy Shoemaker has 13580 while Darren Rowse has 36890 RSS readers, they also have a great Alexa ranking (which kinda gives us a clue as to how popular their blog is based on the traffic the sites receive. But lets make a better picture and classify these bloggers.

    Blog Money Makers Info

  • Bloggers Name | RSS Readers | Alexa Ranking | Google PageRank
  • John Chow | 14693 | 3.392 | PR4
  • Darren Rowse | 36890 | 2.799 | PR5
  • Jeremy Shoemaker | 13580 | 3.179 | PR6

So the three bloggers have a great reader base, an excellent alexa ranking (which means a good amount of traffic) and a decent Google PageRank (link popularity), and they all use similar methods to monetize their blog.

  • Private banner ad sales
  • Affiliate Sales

In exception to these two methods they use, there is John Chow who also uses text link sales and Blogpost Reviews to monetize his own, and a blog post from John Chow costs $450 and has also created a buzz word on the net “The John Chow Effect“, an effect that really bounces your stats graph for good. The recent bloggers that have ordered a review from John Chow have reported over 1.000 visitors on the day when the review was published, which is indeed a great traffic spike.

Okey, we know these bloggers that they do make money online, and now we even know some of the methods they use (not a top secret actually, if you read their blogs you’ll know it too since they share the info), but do you know someone that has a blog, that has a great traffic, that is not monetizing his blog but if he actually did would be able to easily make a good income ? No?

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3 Responses to “Blog Money Makers”
  1. CatherineL says:

    Astrit – I’m glad you think wordpress is easy. I’m finding it way more complicated than conventional websites. So I’m not getting enough traffic.

    Never mind – have already written tomorrows post to enter your competition.

  2. Hi Catherine,
    Maybe I expressed myself wrong when I meant it is easy as apparently that doesn’t mean for everyone. But if you have a small PHP knowledge and a decent knowledge of HTML it really becomes easy.

    Tomorrow I will drop you an email and we’ll see how we can improve a little your blog 😉

  3. Very true, very real. Good article…