Building BackLinks Tip 2: Community and Blogs

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In continue with the building backlinks tip where I wrote about a tip I had used in past and that has worked with me, here I am to share another well known tip that you all know but don’t take seriously.

Being a part of a community

The creation of the web based communities such as forums and blogs was the greatest idea (aside the IRC chats). Forums and blogs are a great place to socialize and get known with other folks that share the same interest as you (and here I have to agree with what John Chow wrote even tho partially). The features to comment back to a certain topic that forums and blogs have give us the opportunity to become a part of that community and share our thoughts or ideas and remain always on topic.

Both forums and blogs (at least wordpress blogs) have built in feature that you can leave a backlink pointing to your site as signature or as commentators name and every time we leave a comment we automatically gain backlink pointing to your site with the desired anchor text that we have chosen to use for the backlink (if forum signature) or as commentators name.

WordPress based blogs has a nofollow tag implemented for the commentators and some forums use addons to add a nofollow tag, so if you are hunting sites that can share some PageRank juice as well you might check before, but what I would like to advice you is to not care about that as long as you like the content of that forum or blog and you think you can give your contribute.

Now you might be wondering why one should not care? Most of the people that read a blog post and participate to that post (i.e. comment back) will not read only the post, they will also read the comments as well and if your comment is informative and you express your knowledge of that topic in the comment people will like it and will most likely click your name to see what other useful informations can be found in your site. And the value of a new visitor to your site (which in other words mean, people like what you say and want to see what else you have to say or had said) is way much higher than the value of a PageRank score to your site (unless you are thinking to make money with your site and create a bill pay website, but if your bill pay website monetary value is based on the PageRank score only than lately you might have a hard time).

Stats and proof

To prove that being a part of a community and participate I decided to share some of the stats for the month of September and October, as proofs I have choose one famous webmaster forum and one famous blogger, here are the stats.

September stats

October stats

  • DigitalPoint forum – 192 unique visitors
  • John Chow blog – 235 unique visitors

As you can see the above stats the month of September I have received more visitors from both resources as I had more time to be active than what I have now. In any case all those visitors came to this blog because they found interesting my comment or simply because the anchor text for the link I have used for the link was intriguing or of their interest.

This method of building backlinks and gaining traffic is more time consuming, but is pleasant in the same time if you want to share your thoughts.

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5 Responses to “Building BackLinks Tip 2: Community and Blogs”
  1. I haven’t had much time the last couple of weeks for reading/commenting on other blogs and the difference it’s made to my traffic has been significant. Being part of a community must be one of the easiest ways of not only getting links but also eyeballs on your website.

  2. GH3 Cheats says:

    In my opinion just commenting and participating is way too much work for those amount of visitors per month. I guess if you would already be participating anyway it wouldnt really matter though.

  3. If for you is too much of work to get known among the others and discuss a topic you like than why did you took your time to comment here? (I hope you get what I mean and don’t take me wrong).

    What I meant to tell others with this article is NOT to comment just to gain a backlink, because a backlinks value would be less than 0 if the comment is “Hey nice post” , but the backlink of a comment that makes sense and expresses your personal opinion on a certain subject which will reflect in your credibilities is way much higher than having a paid backlink on some high PR site.

  4. Collin says:

    Yes commenting takes alot of time and does not really drive up traffic that much. By me mass adding frieds on Digg and blogcatalog I have increased my site traffic 100% if not more. I will be making a post soon oh how to massivly increase your communities.

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