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Open topic | October 9th, 2007 | 4 Comments

It has been awhile since I have moderated my comments, but unfortunatelly not that much from spambots as much as I had to moderate and halt from being published some comments made by real humans.

Yes I know, it sounds weird that I have to speak about commentators now that many others did, but I feel they are right about it. This SEO Blog is NOT going to become your free resource of backlinks, the backlinks will get those commentators that DO contribute to this blog. All those nasty, non-sense and without any respect comments made from commentators that have their name linked to their website and also use a link signature to their site are not going to be published.

I like the idea of i scrutch your back you scrutch mine, but I would like to limit to that only and would not want the story to turn into you scrutch my back and I scrutch your back twice.

So commentators that would like to partecipate to this blog should follow (as possible) the next blog guidelines

  • Don’t use signature linking
  • You can link up to 2 pages within a comment ONLY if it in topic and within a content, not like signature.
  • I don’t mind if you have to write nice seo tip or stupid seo tip, so feel free to do that but forget about the signature linking

Failing to follow these simple rules with result in getting your comment not published. It takes me less time to delete a comment instead of to moderate it and remove links. Enjoy reading at SEO Optimization.

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4 Responses to “Comment Abuse”
  1. Michelle says:

    Crikey! I’d better watch my comments then! While it is a problem that commentors will leave the ‘three word comment’ (‘nice post, thanks!) it is also a well publicised SEO option to get some link feedage back from webblogs that offer the top commentor plug-in.

    I guess the addage would be – ‘if you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, then don’t say it’.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I don’t think you should have anything to worry about 😉 and as i said I don’t care if someone says thanks nice post as long as it is human and not a bot (which is not that hard to detect).

    What I am against is abusing the blog, it makes no sense to me that a person that is already linked back to his site through the name he/she is using when comments to use a signature. I am also not against linking to your site within a comment if it is on topic.

    I would honestly prefer to keep this blog with few respectful readers instead of with “link hunters”. I have already installed the top commentators plugin which gives backlink to top commentators without the nofollow, and apparently (or accidentaly) those that deserve those backlinks are respectful people that do give their contribute to this blog or at least show interest to learn more (after all thats why I did build this blog for, to share with others what I know and what I learn during the experiments I make).

    So everyone, no need to be afraid to comment, just stay away from spamming the blog, lets keep it clean and nice..for all of us.

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  4. Googlelady says:

    “let me try and see if I am a bot”

    Thanks for this great article… Just kidding.

    Astrit, I really agree with you, sometimes I have this problem as well and many people asked me via email if I can add the option in wordpress about letting people auto-approve for those approved previously, tried that for less than 24 hours, and still there are many no-sense comments. I will prefer to approve each comment manually one by one.