Contest Time Doors Open

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It has passed awhile since I did run a contest on this blog. I feel like I should be giving more things other then some content to my readers, and thats why you are reading this post.

At the beginning I was thinking if I should run one contest now and another one on a later day, but then I thought it would be better to give all prices in one contest and have more winners. The prices for this contest are

  • #1 Winner: 1 month free 125×125 advertising on
  • #2 Winner: Blog review on from SEO point of view
  • #3 Winner: 1000 free Entrecard credits

As mentioned on the yesterdays post this is not going to be a contest based on points, and since me and luck are like mother Teresa and bodybuilding I have decided to put in game your luck. So no points are needed to win this contest, pure luck, and your luck will mainly depend on the randomizer list.

Contest Rules

The rules to participate in this contest are very simple. In either case it is a win win situation, to win something of more value you practically have to give something of a smaller value. It is not hard at all to follow this one single rule to enter the contest and be one of the winners of the above listed prices.

All you have to do to enter this contest is to blog about and link to the homepage by using learn seo as anchor text (caps don’t matter how will be organized). No need to subscribe to my RSS feed or collect points or something like that.

Once you have blogged about and have linked to the homepage with the proper keyword as anchor text you can drop me a PM (or email) with the URL of your blog post. On 30 April 2008 emails of each of the participants will be pasted in the randomizer list which will randomly come up with a list. The first three emails will be the winners of the first price, second and third price.

Since 30 April is not a close date you can subscribe to my RSS feedto track easier the published post with the winners of the contest.

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2 Responses to “Contest Time Doors Open”
  1. Nice contest! Hope you get lots of entrants! (and backlinks!)

  2. <sarcasm>Either of the two options will do fine</sarcasm>