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SEO Tutorials | October 1st, 2007 | 8 Comments

As promised the other day on the blogging post here I am to write about how could daily blogging help your blog in SEO.

To become a successful blogger it not a easy goal that one can reach over the night (unless, the person is journalist and writes on daily basis). But being able to write only is not what is going to make you become successful especially if you don’t have readers, and here enters SEO in the game.

I will try to explain in short why daily blogging & SEO are closely connected. With plugins like Google sitemap generator things get even easier. Every time you publish a post the plugin will automatically adjust the sitemap of your site with the URL of the new post and will ping Google to tell the spider bot that there is a new content that needs to be crawled on your blog.

Blogging daily will keep the Google bot always awake and invite him to crawl the site, playing around a bit with internal linking will also increase the frequency and will give weight to some of other inner pages (read internal linking to learn more). More often the search engine spider bot crawls your site faster you will get new posts indexed in the search engines and faster you will manage to get higher in the SERPs.

But did you knew there is a timing when you should publish your post to get the juice of the search engines (mainly from Google) due to the so called SERPs dancing?

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8 Responses to “Daily Blogging & SEO”
  1. Michelle says:

    Giving yourself a daily blogging regime is tremendously difficult – esp. when squeezed between kids and work and ‘goodness knows what!’.

    Best advise is to try and get a blog rythem going – keep a list of stuff that interests you and try to commit some weekend time to writing a fulfilling article.

    I guess…

  2. CatherineL says:

    Astrit – Does this mean that we need to post at a certain time of day, or a certain amount of time between posts? Please tell.


  3. Hi Michelle,
    Good to see a new “face” around. Of course when one has more things to do (especially take care of family) things get tough, but as you said, getting a rhythm is the key, than everything moves smoothely.

    Catherine, good to see you (under a new name this month tho :P), definitively there is a time of day when publishing your articles will give a moment boost of traffic (especially from Google). But i will write about it soon.

  4. Alex R. says:

    I really enjoy reading your articles. There very informative, and I’ve learned a lot. One of the biggest problems blogs in this niche have is not going to the very basics. You cover everything nicely. Keep it up!

  5. Michelle says:

    It’s the strong and relevant content that I am starting to have problems with. Considering that a daily blog is a good way to attract the googlebots – coming up with the quality content is tough.

    Love the site, BTW.

  6. You already answered the solution on your first comment Michelle. Building a rhythm when blogging will definitively guide you to that quality and strong content you are lurking for. Well mainly, it will help you improve the blogging skills i.e. writing skills.

    Let me give you an example how do I find topics to write about. Lets put on this way, i write about SEO for newbies (the basics of seo, those parts that many SEO sites pass through just like the wind in open air), so the motivations and those SEO TOPICS i write about I mainly find on webmaster forums from users ASKING help or suggestions. Once i take my time to answer their question, everything continues way to my blog where I am writing about that same thing.

    So, try to find the source of your motivation, it will help you

    Improve your writing skills
    Create a writing rhythem (daily blogging)
    One subject will pull another one

    But so far I have notice that the articles that have best worked for me were those that I wrote as i felt they are, without using technical words or even being pretty techie. Apparently seo newbies like SIMPLE and QUICK solutions.

    Thanks for the love words for the blog 😉

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