Data delayed ?

Open topic | January 4th, 2008 | 2 Comments

I don’t know if you folks have checked out lately the reports of your income, I hadn’t until this morning and 2 out of 3 advertising companies I use have data delayed. Even tho I don’t regularly check my earnings (actually I check them once in 3 days, unless I am not running an experiment on them and check it daily so I can monitor the success … or failure) today when I logged in and was hoping to see numbers i got that lovely message “We apology, data is currently unavailable due to system maintenance”.

So who is doing maintenance are two new PPC advertising companies I have lately signed up with, Kontera and WidgetBucks (damn guys I wanted to check my cents :P).

So a message to all “income stats” checkers, your data will be soon available but in meanwhile if you want to win entrecard credits you are in time to participate on my contest and qualify to win 600 Entrecard credits and the rules are easy as eating peanuts.

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2 Responses to “Data delayed ?”
  1. WidgetBucks seems to go through this every month, a Kontera delay is quite rare though. The build up to Christmas was not great for me so I’m really looking forward to getting those figures (even if they are only cents).