DNseo.net donates 10 meals for Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Union Gospel Mission (UGM) needs your help

Says John Chow, and I have to bow on his words.

After reading John Chows post it touched me, even tho I am not anyhow connected to Canada, neither I do live in Canada, to help 10 people by donating only $25,95 CAD and being able to assure all 10 people a nice warm meal for the Thanksgiving Dinner is a great pleasure.

The amount is not much, roughly around $28 USD, but the pleasure it gives you to know that you can assure 10 other people that don’t have the same luck as you to enjoy a nice meal for the Thanksgiving day is enormous.

In essence I have been like this since always, i remember years ago when I first came to Italy and still had difficulties with the language and could not find a job but yet I had to maintain my studies, had my last 2 Euro’s in my pocket and I was about to wait for another 3 days my parents to send me money. I met a homeless young guy, with his shy face he asked if I could afford to give him few cents. I believe he was not always living in the streets and he was apparently shy to ask for those cents, I could not resist that innocent face and I gave him the last money I had.

It did not cost me nothing to give him those 2 Euro’s but i believe it helped him a lot. And it was a pleasure for me to be able to help him.

If you want to manage to have a warm meal to 10 other homeless people, donate to UGM.

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