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As to many has happened before and keeps happening, the web site traffic report stats will slowly go down during the summer period. I have already notice this effect in the past on my business web site and I do notice this again on my web site. On webmaster forums you will notice many becoming paranoid on this and questioning if they did something wrong or if they end up in sandbox.

Before you even think to go and bitch on webmaster forums you should first consider that this has happened and is happening to everyone. The fact that is summer and people rather spending some more time on the ocean beaches, with a loud music while they are getting tan for their body and looking at all those hot girls is more fun and gives less time to get online, or at least if you get online you will just go to check your stats or emails or write and article if the person is blogger but thats it. No one will actually spend more time on internet or lurk from one web site to another in research of something. Hey, this happens even to the geeks that usually spend 3/4 of their time in front of the computer.

Seems like the summer has started for many, apart that i can notice that as the town is getting slowly empty since people “migrate” on the seaside, i do notice this very well in Google analytics stats. Since 4 days already i see a decrease in traffic, and since this blog does not have a huge traffic the impact is bigger and it can be well seen.

The SEO Optimization blog has lost in traffic for 40%, and 60% of lost traffic (of the 40% traffic loss) is from search engines, which confirms the theory that people will not spend time on researches during the summer season, or at least while they are on vocation. You can’t do nothing to actually increase web site traffic actually i would advice you to cut the advertising and marketing budged for the moment, the money you will spend in marketing this period it will never actually repay the in traffic or sales. Loss on web site traffic during the summer period will also have a rough impact on your online revenue too. The Make Money Online business is in halt for many business categories during this period, but, you can instead use this time and beat your concurrence on the SERPs.

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The users are on vocation and you may lose lots of web site traffic during this period, but the good news would be that also your competition has gone in vocations. I find summer and vocations period the perfect time to SEO optimize my web site’s for that same reason. Of course big companies that have employees will be a little harder to beat since there is always someone behind the computer machine working and maintaining the companies web site high on the SERPs. While the smaller (or so called one man companies) are at a higher risk to get beaten by the concurrence. If you have no plans to make a vocation this summer than don’t just waste your time and start working on your web site search engine optimization and get prepared to make money online once the users will be back from vocations and have more time to spend on internet.

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