Doubts About Bux.To

Make Money Online | September 11th, 2008 | 11 Comments

Few months ago my online mate Paul Barlow of Make Money Online had blogged about a site called This site was actually paying you for each website you would surf on (well, pay you…actually it would give you 1 cent for viewing an ad for 30 seconds). Not big money indeed, but we all do have those moments during our day when we have no clue what to do and stare at the screen…and kinda thinking if you should touch the mouse or not…but if I touch it what should I do? You got what I mean, so on those moments, sites like are a nice way to kill the blank moments and still earn few cents…or at least it was supposed to be.

After I read that post on Paul’s blog I decided to signup under his account and give it a try even tho I had doubts about this kind of “stuff” since always. In addition I referred a friend which at the same moment was complaining that he has nothing smart to do at the moment, told him about and that he could make some extra money online instead of boring me off on MSN.

Couple months later, my friend had reached $10 with and to not waste more time he requested the money to be transfered on his AlertPay account so he would not be wasting any more time if it wasn’t something legit. What made my friend to request the money at this point instead of waiting to increase his earnings were some rumors he had heard about not paying his publishers..

Since the day he told me he made the request have passed 2 months. In meanwhile, another local friend told me he had requested to be paid since 3 months now but not even a cent sitting on his AlertPay account. At that point it crossed my mind that might just not be a way of making money online, but rather like an entertainment website where you can waste some of your time in a different way then watching a blank screen.

No matter what friends have been telling me so far, I have decided to check this one by myself, before I was checking rarely, maybe 2-3 times a month, now I want to reach a certain amount (at least $18, $4 more missing) and request the money to see if my friends stories are true or there is something shady going on with users from less developed countries.

I can’t speak much about from personal experience at this time, nor about sites with similar schemes as I have always considered them as waste of time, but I would love to hear your story about or other similar sites as and what your experience has been with such sites.

If you want to know if is going to send me the money or not subscribe to my RSS feed or have the posts delivered to you via email.

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11 Responses to “Doubts About Bux.To”
  1. Mikel says:

    You are absolutely right …they are damn wasting our time …and even they are collecting huge bucks from people …i tried it once suddenly my a/c got disappeared i realised at that time ..


  2. SK WONG says:

    The whole system of this one cent thing is you need to “recruit” a lot of members, ended up you build their mailing list for them. I gave up longtime ago.

  3. impNERD says:

    Getting paid to visit websites… you should have known it was a scam 🙂

  4. Indeed it did seemed as scam, however I was curious to know as a person I trusted to had recommended it, aside that it did make sense (2 cents per visitors to charge the advertiser and 1 cent to give away to the surfer). However aside that, these are just the two alerts I have received from people I do know in real life and that were involved with Bux.To.

    After a short email they explained something funny about how the payments are made and why there is this delay (I should have an URL to the support ticket where they responded, will make sure to update it in the post).

    Now, without even going further, I will request my payment (which I collected on my free time, and damn that was a really free time) and see what happens (but it does smell like waste of time and scam).

  5. San Nayak says:

    I gave a try to such sites before 2 years and since then I never look at them also.

  6. San Nayak says:

    What’s going on? You are not updating your blog any more? Are you on a vacation?

  7. Arlind says:

    Well, of course it pays. You have to wait a bit tho.

    Also this sites are called PTC sites: Paid-To-Click. They are widely spread and used.

  8. Hello San Nayak,
    Yes you are right, I haven’t updated the blog in awhile now. Was in vacation but after the vacation I was caught up with too many things and I can hardly concentrate and/or find the time for my own passion.

    However I will be preparing something to start blogging again, I kinda miss it.

    If you feel like guest blogging (or someone else does) feel free to signup.

    @ Arlind, nice correction.. 😉

  9. San Nayak says:

    Oh.. I was guessing so. No problem, i will drop by to check for the updates.

  10. Jan says:

    The problem is that plenty of people are looking for easy money. Easy money don’t exist. Long time ago I was referred to surfjunky by a friend of mine; It was a scam and I understood it… but he (and his another 100 friends at the college) didn’t do so and they let their PC’s turned on all days and nights long. No-one got paid.

    These websites promise you to make money, but the only one who makes money are them. They “sell traffic”. That’s how it works…