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I first read about Entrecard on Paul’s Making the Money blog. Reading his post did not took me long to intrigue me to sign up with Entrecard and test it over rsshugger where I have my page and BlogRush. Paul has a screenshot of his traffic stat showing how the traffic increased since the day one using entrecard.

What is Entrecard?

Think about Entrecard as a great resource to drive traffic to your blog or site and spend even a penny. The whole system is based on credits which is pretty easy to use and earn credits. Once you have earned credits you can than buy 125×125 banner ads on other blogs or sites that have the Entrecard Widget installed.

You can also upload your own custom 125×125 banner to make it look better and attract more visitors, if you don’t have a ad banner of that size than no worries, with Entrecard you will get some samples you can use and customize the text.

How to earn credits

The genius thought of the creator of Entrecard makes so that you can easily earn credits. If you see the Entrecard banner under the categories you will notice that there is a button “Drop yours”, clicking on that button to drop a card to my Entrecard I will earn 1 credit, and so will you. Great no? If you give you earn, if you get you earn, seems like there is no way to lose credits with Entrecard.

What to do with my credits?

Next to the banner where you can drop me a card you will notice another banner, that banner has practically acquired that advertising space on my blog for one day for the cost of 5 credits (damn they are selling me cheap) but as time passes the required credits to buy an advertising spot on my widget increases. So collecting credits you can buy advertising space on other blogs or sites that use the widget and get some traffic to your site.

It works

I signed up with Entrecard only last night (even tho knew about it a day or two ago from Paul) and the site has already sent me an Ok amount of traffic even tho I have not acquired any advertising space anywhere. For so far, I have sold the adspace for 8 days in a row, each for 4 credits, thats 32 credits and collecting some more credits by dropping a card here and there, people dropping card to me I will be able to collect a decent amount of credits and buy advertising space on someones blog that has a decent traffic. So far, Entrecard beats BlogRush and rssHugger in terms of traffic, and I have it just one day running.

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5 Responses to “Entrecard it Works”
  1. Colin King says:

    I’m getting the same results, I’ve had about 170 new visitors in the last four days with an increase of around 12% for rss subscriptions.

  2. Those are good results Colin, especially the conversation rate to regular readers (rss readers).

    As long as the traffic converts it means that the visitors do actually read blogs and don’t click the ads just to drop a card and get credits, this is what I would qualify as quality traffic.

  3. […] first joined Entrecard on late November after testing out BlogRush and than later on burned a feed on rssHugger and I have to admit that […]

  4. Nice…the trend is spreading. I just hooked my site up fat w/ an E-Card!

  5. Hi Andrew,
    Good thing you have signed up, I am running a contest where i am giving 800 entrecard credits as winning price. You might be willing to enter the contest 😉