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Open topic | April 9th, 2008 | 2 Comments

I hope the title is not misleading to you, this is not exposing a seo fellow in the wrong way (after all, he is not my type, doesn’t have long legs, long hair and tanned skin..should I mention the rest?) but rather this post is about letting you know for about a new site and this is the great timing as the exposed seo fellow is currently running a competition (which I would rather refer to as contest) on which you could win some cash and an ad spot.

The seo fellow, who is taking some of his time commenting on this blog under nickname seo man has a name, Ilia. Ilia is currently running a contest, it is not seo based so it is easy for everyone to participate and the rules are not that strict. Just as all other contests even this one is based on points. Practically you have to do something and get a point, if you do more things you collect more points. These points purpose I presume raise your chances to win, and if its not like that then why in the heck would one be wanting to collect points.

One of the ways to earn points to this contest is blogging about the contest and you can earn easy peasy 5 points (guess I just earned 5 points with this post even tho the intentions of this post was purely to give a push to a seo fellow). Would I be lucky to win anything with only 5 points? I doubt so, luck is not my strong side.

Since we are talking about a contests what do you think about winning 1000 Entrecard, 1 month 125×125 ad on for one month just like that? Without collecting points or doing hency fancy things? Looks interesting, great, subscribe to my RSS feed (or have the post delivered via email) to know when the contest will start and how you can win these points.

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2 Responses to “Exposed SEO Fellow”
  1. Jagdu says:

    Definitely up for your contest! Don’t know if I want to enter the seo fellow’s.

  2. SEO blog says:

    Thanks for the plug and good luck! 🙂