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It is the beginning of the a new month and if the big money maker bloggers use the entrance in the new month to report how much money they have made online I use the entrance in the new month to thank my readers and those that did took time to comment on my posts.

As you have notice the number of the comments is being reset every month to keep the list fresh and for my own personal stats to know more about the readers of this blog and those that are not afraid to step forward and comment on the posts if they have anything to say about. The Top Commentators spot on the right sidebar will display the 5 users that mostly comment on SEO Optimization. I have installed this WordPress plugin with the only intention to give some link love to those that give their contribute to this blog.

Why you should not be afraid to comment

Blogs are not that different than forum communities, blogging is not only a way to express what we have to say, it is also a instrument to communicate with the rest of the world and discuss different topics and subjects. If participating in a forum and sharing your thoughts about a certain subject is normal for you, than what halts you from giving a contribute and commenting to a post (if there is something to be commented).

Taking your time to comment or discuss with the others folks helps you built relation with new webmasters and who knows, one day he/she might be your best friend or your million dollar partner. User comments very often inspire the author of the blog on a new topic to write about and here is the chance you might get mentioned in that post.

And if you are one of those that is hunting a free backlink, than all you have to do is be smart, give a comment on a topic and you will earn all the benefits, get known among the other readers, get a free PR4 backlink and raise the traffic to your site. If all these are not good enough reasons for you to comment than there is something wrong with this whole seo blog.

Actually the whole point why I am calling you to comment is not to give you a free backlink or what so ever, what I want is your collaboration, participation and not to be shy to ask questions that you don’t know the answer of. SEO companies or seo experts as individuals would charge you roughly $50 to $500 per hour consulting and giving you advice on what needs to be improved in your site or simply to give you a seo report. And I, am asking you only to ask, and if there is the space I will write about it for free, because I know YOU CAN DO IT TOO one day.

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6 Responses to “Few words for my readers”
  1. Catherine L says:

    Hi Astrit – Rewarding your commentors is a great idea. I am also in the camp that doesn’t make a heap of dough from my blog, so I may try doing this too.

    It is not fair though – you have PR4 and they only gave me a three! I hope you’re going to be giving out plenty of tips on how to improve PR this month.

  2. Thats a good point, we can learn a lot about SEO free on the web. While it will take a lot of self discipline to put these practices into places, keep your eyes open and read this blog for some great tips.

    (moderated link, signature links are no longer welcome at SEO Optimization, last modification).

  3. Yeah not fair enough I am willing to give you 1 score of my PR 😉 i’ll ask Mr. Page if it is possible to gift one score only 😛

    Anyway I have been actually ignoring MY own PR but have been reporting about PR update, tho don’t ask me why I never talked about how to build your pagerank and thanks for leading me to that.

    This is exactly what I was talking about on this post, commentators can really help you get an idea of what they like that you could write about. I will make sure to get some posts on how to build PageRank.

  4. GH3 Cheats says:

    I like to mix work with pleasure as much as possible. Pleasure being the reading of your blog and work being the link building. You should make the free links sitewide though. 🙂

  5. Hahaha GH3, i like your honesty 😉

    Btw, homepage backlink is better than sitewide 😉

  6. […] promised at the beginning of the previous month each first of the month I would like to thank my readers for reading SEO Optimization and supporting this SEO blog. Your attention and opinions means a lot […]