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These free internet marketing strategies have been mentioned over and over again during these past few years, however since these are also effective internet marketing strategies I decided to write about it and perhaps remind you about them, in case you have forgot.

The reason why you have build a site is so that people could see it, know about it, buy your product or even just simply click on your affiliate links or advertisements and make you earn money. If no one knows about your site, then all the time you have invested to build it is nothing but a big waste of time. Of course, you could have other reasons to build your site, but still, without proper marketing on internet nobody will come and see what you have in your site, nobody will know that your site exists.

You could simply concentrate on SEO to bring targeted traffic to your site, visitors that found your site based on the keywords they searched for, but this could take months (and if it is a very competitive term or you target the wrong keywords, your site might never make it to have that desired visibility, anyway you can check out my seo articles archive and get to know with seo if you are not familiar). But, can you really wait that long until you generate your first sale? Or if you have a fat budget to invest, you could also jump in PPC marketing and have targeted paid traffic.

Free internet marketing strategies that work

What if I would tell you that there are methods with which you can benefit on both ways, drive targeted traffic and improve your search engine rankings? What if I tell you that you have ALWAYS knew this, but never thought it was worth, or thought that it was just time consuming and waste of time? I believe you already know where I am heading to in this article, and most likely you are right. So lets take a look at these free and effective internet marketing strategies, but before we proceed, you might want to subscribe to my RSS feed as this will be a series of posts, explaining more in details each of bellow mentioned marketing strategies.

  • Directory submission (old style, but good for the first links to kick-start you)
  • Follow & participate in related blogs
  • Participate in related forums
  • Use social networking sites
  • Use of the social bookmarking sites
  • Write and distribute articles (or rather, article marketing)

I know you have heard about this too often, and you might be thinking: hey, but you are not telling me nothing new. The point is, after reading all this for so much time did you took the time to actual do it, or you just kept reading and reading and reading. And if you tried to do all (or some) of the points above mention, were you doing it the right way?

In this series of the articles I will go one step further and not just tell you to do it, but will actually try and show you HOW TO DO IT IN A EFFECTIVE WAY to get the real benefit from these free and effective internet marketing strategies and how to organize everything so nothing would be just a waste of time. Don’t forge to subscribe to my RSS feed and follow me and the series of internet marketing strategies.

Things to do before you start marketing your website

In order to put in use in a effective way these free internet marketing strategies you need to first do your homework and plan every single step. You need to organize the time you want to invest in your site, double check the list of things to do and start preparing your to-do homework in groups.

Just a short example of how work plan should look like

  • Identify keywords that are related to your product and search for alternative keywords too that don’t have too much competition. Once you have found all the possible keywords that you believe are worth investing time and effort line them up based on priority. Identify blogs/forums that are related to your. Identify article directories that are worth submitting your precious content. Then pass on second stage, the process of internet marketing through free methods.
  • Week 1: 30-60mins a day to submit your site to web directories. Most likely 10-15 directories a day would be more then enough, so that would be even less then a hour a day. We will see in the next article why this old method isn’t something you should ignore, or you can check the previous post on how old style seo works.
  • Week 2: Start to slowly participate in blogs that are related to your niche and forums too. More tips on how to make an effective internet marketing strategy out of this in the upcoming article.
  • etc..list goes on, based on your priorities

Without a solid plan and clear ideas of what your target is, what is that you really want to achieve you are going nowhere. Non of these (nor other techniques) will help you out, you will burn all your enthusiasm you had for your site or business in couple of months (if not weeks). Most importantly once you have done your homework and scheduled your to-do list of free internet marketing promotion you will need to STICK to your plan and keep up with the free internet marketing strategies even when you will get a solid amount of traffic.

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