Google IS penalizing link buyers and sellers

Google search engine | July 6th, 2007 | 5 Comments

In 18th of April i wrote a post on Google taking actions against link sale/buy for cheating pagerank algorithm followed from the announce on Matt Cutts blog.

Since then, it used to be a long discussion on whether this is legit or not, how will Google search engine determine if links are paid links or not, would these new rule be used between the competitors to harm and report their competitors etc. The biggest doubt was whether this new rules was going to be placed in action or not. Few weeks later, some of the big forums did received a penalization in PageRank. Today, we are going to speak about a money maker blogger John Chow that was penalized for the same reason.

John Chow is the owner of John Chow dot com blog (and not only), John was recently penalized on his blog and he does no longer rank Number one for the term “make money online” and the worst … or thats what makes John that he does not longer rank on number one even for his name (now thats sad and a tough penalization actually). If you do a search on Google search engine for the term make money online you will find John’s site on the 6th page on the SERPs (See terms used in SEO world), while for the keywords John Chow it ranks on the 7th page in the SERPs (thats really sad, and I understand how angry John could be on this).

About John’s blog
John’s blog is a real money making blog. The whole project started as experiment to see how much he can make from his blog, yes, i am speaking about that kind of blog that anyone dreams to have or at least is trying to make. At the end of each month and the very beginning of the next month John posts the earnings of his blog of the past month and here is John Chow’s earnings for June.

Will his blog income drop?
We will need to see that. The fact is that John will probably receive less organic traffic from Google search engine for keywords “make money online” and “john chow”, John stated on his blog that he used to receive around 150 uniques daily for the first keyphrase but he doesn’t speak about the traffic he received for his name. What makes difficult to predict if his income is going to fall down or not is the fact that John has multiple resources for his income which is a very smart move and advised from every one to have more than one resource of income.

I guess we will have to attend the end of this month and see how his income is doing 😉

John Chow’s loss makes others earn
Since John Chow lost rankings on the SERPs for the above mentioned keywords, many webmaster profited from this. The concurrence that was sitting under John Chow dot Com on the SERPs for “make money online” finally could lift their rankings a bit higher, others earn traffic from John Chow as they would rank higher on the SERPs too now and third, use John Chow’s loss in ranking on marketing promotion and advertising purposes. On John Chow’s todays post Blogging Up A Storm With BlogStorm John speaks about the intelligent marketing Blogstorm uses with his John Chow’s name. On his post he made a really nice comment that made me laugh and remind me how “evil” (thats a phrase he loves to use) John can be, here is the comment:

Now, if BlogStorm would only accept Google AdSense advertising, I can send them a “John Chow is over here!” Google ad.

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5 Responses to “Google IS penalizing link buyers and sellers”
  1. bylla says:

    This IS true. Since I added a directory at my domain name I dropped in page rank ;( So now I’m planning to move the directory to it’s on domain name or maybe even to close it for good.


  2. DNSeo says:

    It could be for many reasons why your sites pagerank dropped. In any case, having two sites of different nature under the same domain (or even account) is not really a smart move.

    Your best bet would be to check deeper what caused your drop in ranking, was it the competition improved his seo techniques or you were penalized.

  3. DNVC says:

    DNSeo might be right, that could be the reason but only Google know the real.

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