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I have a post that is sitting in the draft for a long time already which was supposed to be the follow up of the building your website thinking seo. While i was sitting next to the pool and reading a book about tips and tricks on Google search engine i thought about the post i have in draft…and i was kinda confused, but not only with what i was doing but also with what everyone else is doing or at least is trying to do.

We all speak about SEO and how SEO Optimization is done and the benefits of SEO for our business, but we have not yet spoken about the most important thing (my personal opinion). When we talk about SEO we mainly talk about SEO optimization for Google search engine, same as when we use the term Google it within a phrase (ex. Just Google it and you will find the results) we mean just perform a search query in a search engine and you will find the informations you need. The term Google is in every webmasters head, in every SEO experts head, but has anyone thought about how important is to understand how Google works before you even think about search engine ranking for SEO newbies?

Every SEO blog or web site i have read speak about techniques and guides how to rank higher in the serps, but no one has actually took the time to explain the exact functionality of that technique. All the techniques you read on seo blogs or seo forums are valid and work, starting from on site seo optmization (including title tags, description metatag, keyword metatag, header title tags, internal linking etc) way to the off site seo optimization (inbound text links, using keywords in anchor text in text links, directory submission, fresh and unique content etc) but most of those techniques you don’t even understand WHY they work and how they help us ranking higher in SERPs of Google search engine.

Thats why i have decided to temporary STOP writing about SEO techniques and concentrate more to explain how Google search engine works with the hope that it will help you to better understand all SEO techniques and to give your creativity some freedom to express and use or modify those techniques in a better way. I have created a new category named Google search engine as a sub category of the search engines category, where i will be post guides and techniques on how to use Google search engine and how to perform a search query in Google search engine. Will try to limit to the search query functions mainly and hacks, but from time to time will explain some other free features that Google offers to us.

If you want to give your contribute and/or give ideas please do not hesitate to comment it in this post, i will really appreciate.

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