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Google search engine | April 26th, 2007 | Comments Off on Google Worlds most visited site

“It is official, Google rules the world” it’s what San Fran Chronicle says.

It is true in fact, today while i was working on a clients web site and the TV was turned on, on the news i heard about being announced as the most visited web site on the world. Since the news was pretty short, i opened a new Tab on my lovely FireFox browser and started to digg around the net about this news, i ended up at San Francisco Chronicle.

Google has not only beaten Microsoft in number of unique visitors, it is also ranked as n1 in the potential earnings of a brand and loyalty with $66.4 billion, while Microsoft is ranked 3rd with $55 billion after GE with $61.9 billion.

I would recommend to read the San Fran Chronicle for more details regarding this news.

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