Google’s vanishing magic

Google search engine | August 22nd, 2007 | Comments Off on Google’s vanishing magic

While i was on the three days trip-vocation weird things happened. As always do, every time i am not there something happens, but this is going on since i was a kid, like i would play sick not to go in school and a classmate has brought her hot friend in our class for the day, and this time i was out there enjoying the sun…and seems like Google was hacked, or better, Google search engine had a DNS issue.

Once i got back from the trip i did actually notice some complaints on webmaster forums that Google search engine was unreachable, or was down…etc, but since those were old posts and i was skeptic to believe something was wrong but instead was something temporary i never really got interested to read further what in the hell is going on.

Today i ended up in a silly thread but some how i continue reading that thread, later on the thread there was something like “Google shutting down” Google this and Google that, which i found to be sarcasm…than, i came to a post which was linking to BBC Co. Uk. about the news that Google Video is shutting down since YouTube the site owned by Google as well is making Google Video to become useless in a certain point of view. Later on the thread there was a post about Google got hacked. I thought it was just another sarcasm but i did followed the link.

Apparently, Google did had issues that day, and as some of the Google search engine staff has mentioned or let know to those that have wrote about this, it was just a DNS issue. People that would type on their browser bar they would get the page of SoGoSearch (makes you roll your eyes, doesn’t it?), other would see MSN search engine.

I did a Google search for this issue and also visited Matt Cutts blog to see if he has wrote something in regard of this, nothing, while i found this interesting post on Google got hacked topic. The GigAom owner has a nice post over there that has updated it several times, it is a good read about this issue.

Was it really a DNS issue?

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