One Hand SHOULD Wash the Other Hand

Internet Marketing Tips | August 23rd, 2007 | 4 Comments

When you want to wash your hands you soap them and you shove both hands to have better washing results, same thing happens in internet marketing when you guest post on a blog and in return you can slice of the post to state This post is guest posted by Blla blla from blla blla or when you write on a forum about a certain topic and to explain better the article you are writing you link to your own article URL where you got more details in regard of that topic.

The guest posting is a common internet marketing strategy lately and it is a win win situation for both, the blog owner that does get new good and unique post on his blog and for the guest writer that receives popularity and some link juice from that blog. The popular the blog where you guest post is the stronger link juice you will receive and of course the bigger popularity you will reach if the article is useful and informative for the readers.

There is a slight line between a guest post and spam post, rules which the owner of the blog or articles database should define. What for you could not be a spam post it could be for the blog owner tho. Things you should not do while writing a blog post is using anything excessive, like bold text, italic style text (embed) too many outgoing links to your site.

As you may notice there is a Top Commentators block on the right sidebar of my blog, by using that plugin i give some link juice to those people that do contribute my blog by taking some of their time to comment on my posts. Of course, there is a slight line between contributing and spamming my post.

Slight line between spam and contribution

The Top Commentators block will display the names of the commentators of SEO Optimization blog that do contribute to this blog with giving more ideas, filling some spaces that I might have forgot to mention on the post or simply saying thank you to share this with me, which than motivates the blog owner (me in this case) to continue to share more useful informations with his readers. Those commentators as reward get some link juice from my blog since the links on that blog don’t have the nofollow attribute.

Some that have notice that do comment on the blog but just to get some link juice and thats fine for me as long as in a certain point of view they do contribute to blog. But those commentators that keep always the same name on comments but they frequently change the URL to match a post with relevant content as the one i have wrote are those that i do call Spammy commentators. I would not dare to change their URL they have used, since that is their comment, but i can always chose not to publish their comment as i manually approve comments.

This is what i do call one hand washes the other hand, thing that actually does not happen in a famous webmaster forum.

The webmaster forum i am speaking about is the, which is a big forum but does not have the quality of other webmaster forums. Tho i signed up because i saw most of the users were lacking in SEO and i thought I could contribute by sharing that little knowledge I have on SEO with them.

When John Chow redesigned his blog i wrote Whats wrong with John Chow’s new theme a post which was not only speaking about John Chow’s theme but it was in the same time informative about some SEO techniques a blogger should consider for his blog. In regard to that post i also made a new article which i posted on forums and i linked back to the original post for those that wanted to have a more detailed information on that, but they don’t like the one hand washes the other idea and removed the link, but that did not let me down. A pitty tho that i could not remove my post..hey if you don’t help me why should i help you after all.

I have used this internet marketing strategy in the past and i still use it for some other blog sites i own and it has performed very well for me. What about you? Have you guest posted somewhere and are you satisfied with the results?

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4 Responses to “One Hand SHOULD Wash the Other Hand”
  1. Chuck says:

    I’m not sure I understand. You don’t like it when people link to relevant content of their own? I know there’s more to it than that, but that question best illustrates what I got from that part of the post.

    Enlighten me?

  2. Hi Chuck,
    No it is not that only actually. I got a regular reader that will comment on some of my posts, but he constantly changes the URL to a inner page with same topic for which i am talking (of course the inner page is of his site), and all what he says is, ok good post, or yeah i did notice that too. Thats what i do count as spamcomment, even tho there is no links within the comment (kinda smarter). While as it regards the forums, they won’t allow you even to link to your own article to enlighten the readers with a more detailed article in regard of the subject you are writing.

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  4. sulincok says:

    Nice post. Great reading!!!