Has Technorati Gone Wild?

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I could not manage to login to my blog yesterday and write a post since I saw something weird happened with my computer. While I was working on coding a customers layout I notice that the images I sliced from the PSD disappeared woot! Than I tried to turn off the computer as I thought it was a glitch or something. When I tried to turn off the computer the Shutdown button was not working from the start menu, ehhh?! So i proceed with the button on the computers case…when I clicked the power off button I got a message from Windows saying that there is another user connected and shutting down the computer might cause loss of some data or some files might not be saved, woot woot woot!!??

My suspect is that guy from the computer store that sold me the computer has placed some sort of Spyware, he could be lucky tho that i might know enough about internet and most of the stuff related to internet…but tweaking out the computer is not my best side so I can’t check who was logged or similar stuff, it could anyway be a glitch of the computer. My best shot will be (within a hour or so when the computer store opens) to knock on the guys door and kick his fat smarta**. It has been a long time (7 years) since the last time I have raised hand on someone (and I was doing it often to be honest) but people that try to play me get on my nervs very easily. But lets leave that aside..

Technorati WTF

When I logged on my blog I saw the link backs I had received on the blog (based on Technorati) were ALL from my own site? Okey this hasn’t effected my Authority or Technorati Ranking but yet I don’t like it. I remember another time when technorati had a glitch and was showing all users as authority #1 and it was reported by John Chow.

Hope this get fixed really soon because it is annoying. Anyone has notice this glitch or is it just me, or simply they have made some changes?

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One Response to “Has Technorati Gone Wild?”
  1. GH3 Cheats says:

    I got the same thing. It was like the main site was loaded within the admin section right?