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Yet another month has passed away. The month of January for me has always been slow regarding making money online since its the month when everyone needs to recover from the Holiday expenses but I am curious to know what the make money online folks will report for the month of January.

Instead of talking about making money online, I’d rather first thank to ALL the readers of SEO Optimization. Mainly would like to thank those that gave their contribute to this blog by taking their time and commenting to the articles I have published, so a special thanks goes to my top commentators:

Q1 SEO Goals Update

Before the end of December I setup for myself SEO Goals for the first quarter of 2008. The SEO Goals were nothing big really, but two small things make one little bigger thing (go figure what I meant to say).

As goals I set to hit the first page on the Google SERPs for the keywords “Learn SEO”, “SEO Tutorials”, “SEO Tutorial”, “SEO Resource” and “SEO Resources”. I have to admit that I haven’t been really determined in my goals, or rather I haven’t been doing almost anything other then playing smart with my internal linking and just one external link by using free resources (forums, blogs etc, but not included directory submissions). This said, I have not invested neither a cent to reach the goals, and if I did I would have most likely achieved better results then the current, but I still go two months to do so (going slow, so you can follow me). The results are the next

I am taking notes for every step I am taking into walking up through the SERPs of Google so I could mock-up everything and report it to you at the end of the first quarter of this year in more details. One thing I would want to let you know is that most of the work involved is on-site optimization and internal linking from page to page.

Other News from DNseo.net

During the month of January I reached 70 RSS readers, and not only but overpassed and now dancing on the 80 readers number and my next goal would be to get into the 3 digits number without artificially pushing up the feed counter numbers (such as running RSS contests and similar).

Even tho search engine optimization can turn a small business into a million dollar business, for blogs (like mine and yours) there are also other important metrics to improve your earnings and even marketing skills. The other metrics I was referring to was RSS readers, you can learn a heap from your RSS readers count when you are a new blogger if you pay a close attention to your RSS feed. For example, basing on your RSS reader numbers you can measure and know more what do people want to learn more about and read. Even tho feedburner’s readers data is delayed (it displays the yesterdays data) you can see the feed readers number bounce when you write something that people have interest to know more about, and with this you can learn also what should the next post be about (is it something connected with the previous one, something similar or that type of argument is not worth writing about).

When the numbers in the chicklet bounces it means that readers have interest on that topic, and if the argument has space to be more in depth explained do so and readers will follow you. Your RSS readers can help you improve your blogging skills and feed them with the content they are hungry for, and good content will be most likely awarded (or link baited).

Quick Reminder

I would mainly want to remind you about three new things going on on this blog as well. The first is that I have opened the door to guest bloggers. This gives you the freedom and cuts off the time of sending the post to me and then me publishing it. You can now sign up directly from the blog and submit your post (note: all posts will be first read and reviewed by me before publishing).

The second thing I would remind you about is the contest I am running on which you can win a unique designed wordpress theme for free and 400 Entrecard credits with which you can advertise on the blogsphere that has the Entrecard widget installed on their blog.

And third and finaly thing I would want to remind (or rather ask you) is to help me win the SEOContest2008

So much for this post. Thank you once again folks, hope you enjoyed reading this post as well and don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed to read my blog through you favorite feed reader or subscribe via email to have the post delivered in your inbox.

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8 Responses to “Heads up for my readers”
  1. Thanks for the mention my friend.

  2. Thank you for supporting and taking your time to give your feedback by commenting Andrew 😉

  3. Appreciate the link back. Im also working on my list of keywords although its much longer than yours. You might want to add a link to shoemoneys serp checker to your seo tools. Its not real time i believe but it gives you an idea where you rank if your in the top 100 results. So you dont have to search through them.

  4. You are welcome Brendan,
    I am not a big fan of “I like to show off” people, so I think I will pass linking to his tool for the moment.

  5. Thanks for the mention, I’m sure I can provide a few links from relevant websites for your SEOContest.

  6. You are welcome Paul, thank you for taking your time discussing together with me some of the topics on which I blog.

    Ah don’t forget, those links for the seo contest will all be to support Mark 😛

  7. greg says:

    Thanks for the link love brother. I’m glad you’re making headway in your goals, esp. if you’ve mainly been working on your internal link structure – too oft overlooked in our field. Not sure where you were when you declared your goals but all improvement is good improvement. Are you tracking long tail versions of your target phrases as well to see how this Q1 might impact those as well?

  8. Hi there Greg and no problems for the link love :>,

    I was near where I am (not that close tho) and to be honest I am taking it slow just to see if only with internal linking I can make it up or not.

    Long tail keywords is something I am into as of yet, its learn seo blog so one step at a time or it might confuse many of them that want to be learning something (from my mistakes or from what I have tell).