Hello world!

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Welcome to DNSeo.net! This is the very first post of this blog which is created to share our knowledge about the SEO – Search Engine Optimizing -.
We do well know how expensive is to hire a SEO expert and not always investing that huge amount of money is really worth. In many cases, people invest thousands of dollars just to see their website listed as number One on the search results on major search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo) for determinate keywords / key phrases. But just being the number one on the results it won’t benefit you much if you haven’t worked well your design or you don’t have much to offer to your visitors, but, we will speak further about this argument.
Being listed number one on major search engines certainly it is a success and it for sure will bring you “free” traffic (unfortunately it is no longer free considering how much you have paid your SEO expert. Some SEO experts charge even $XX.000,00 to get you listed as N#1).

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