How to safely buy and sell links nowdays

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Do you remember the rumors of few weeks back that were caused right after the post of Matt Cutts on his blog regarding link sales and acquire for pagerank purpose? Well, i still see threads on webmaster forums about this, and what i did note on those threads was that, not many understood actually the post of Matt Cutts and apparently no one followed reading on the comments.

You can continue to sell links, but what Matt Cutts has said is, that selling links to trick and play around with the Google algorithm for determining a pagerank for a certain web site. We all know that pagerank determines how trustworthy is a web site, and this is being calculated in basis of how many web sites are linking to your web site or inner content pages, once the Googlebot finds a link in a web site, it follows that link and finds out your web site, this is the simple way how the algorithm and googlebot work to determine pagerank for a web site.

Now let’s get back to the topic. If you continued to read the comments on the Matt’s blog post, everything would be clear to you, he said:

there’s absolutely no problem with selling links for traffic (as opposed to PageRank)

In other words, he made it clear, selling links for traffic purpose is fine for Google. But how will they determine that? Now we will understand, why i explained higher how the Googlebot crawls web sites and how they determine pagerank for a website. So simple linking like <a href=” title=”Domain Name Search Engine Optimization Blog” target=”_blank”>DN SEO</a> would be crawled by the Search Engine bots, in this case, by Googlebot, and a sold link of this type is a sold link for pagerank purpose and can cause you PageRanking penalization in Google, that’s what Matt Cutts is speaking about.

How to safely sell links and be safe from Page Ranking penalization?
Here is where the trick comes, if a link as in the example above is crawl able, then let’s make a link which will not be crawlable and stay safe from the pagerank penalization, here is an example how the link code would look like

<a href=” title=”Domain Name Search Engine Optimization Blog” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>DN SEO</a>

If you see, we have added rel=”nofollow” inside the link code, which tells the Bot if he should follow that link and crawl the site that is linked or not, that small code will not make effect over the link for the visitors, the link can be still clicked and this is a link scheme mentioned to sit or be sold in your site only for traffic purpose, safe link for your PageRank.

My question is, if you can’t get crawlable links because you and the website that will link your site might be penalized, and for determining page ranking algorithm calculates only incoming links to your web site, then, how can you improve PageRank for your web site? I would really like to hear ideas about this from the visitors of DN SEO, so please, write down your idea on the comment.

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