Internal Linking Magic

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One of the most important on page seo techniques is definitively internal linking. With internal linking we share some link juice and PR juice to the other pages of our web site, but the most important is that it guides your visitors to other interesting articles or pages of your site and hence it grows the possibility of sales (if you are running a services website or selling products online) or if you have a blog it increases the time that visitors remain in your blog, explore your blog and probably find more interesting articles you have wrote that will make the visitor like your blog and eventually subscribe to your RSS to read it daily.

Internal Linking Does Magic

To all those PR addicted folks here is why they should really consider to use a proper internal linking structure in their site or blog. This seo blog was first build without ANY search engine optimization (off-page seo or on-page seo) but with the only intention to make an experiment of it and prove you that you can do seo too if you are careful and read the seo tutorials. But lets get back to internal linkings magic and PageRank.

After the yesterdays PR update the first thing I wanted to check was how the PageRank juice has been spread through the blog and measure how effective my internal linking has been. Today I can say that the internal linking was more than satisfying and i have spread the Page Rank juice over my inner pages and categories as I expected and I can count more than 20 inner pages/categories with PageRank between PR1 and PR3. The only page with which I am having trouble is the seo resource. That page seems like it has been totally ignored from Google search engine since the day I changed my theme design. The page seems not to be crawled at all and the title has not been changed at all, the Page Rank bar is of gray color which kinda scares me and makes me think that the page has receives some kind of penalization, have done almost everything to get that page crawled and updated but nothing has worked (looks like I will have to ask for help about that).

Having PageRank on the inner pages is not the only magic that internal linking has done for SEO Optimization, internal linking has also increased my organic traffic for those inner pages. Before the internal linking was build the organic traffic I was receiving from search engines was mainly to the home page and the inner pages were nowhere, today I am happy to say that the internal pages are receiving almost the same amount of organic traffic as the home page is.

Let me know about your experience with internal linking or if you have any ideas about what might be going on with the seo resource page.

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  1. GH3 Cheats says:

    Most of my traffic comes from internal pages. Mostly becuase they are pages optimized for variations of my original keyword and those smaller keywords are much easier to rank for in serps. I have all my main keyword pages sitewide linked. I should probably do more learning about internal linking though. Thanks for putting the idea in my head.

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