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Internet Marketing Tips | August 11th, 2007 | 2 Comments

While i was surfing i saw a really interesting internet marketing idea used by the guys at link assistant which is very similar to the idea on using testimonials for advertising, just that in this case the example is used in a negative way.

The guys of link assistant have created a really interesting ad banner where they claim that they can do better than what Matt Cutts (the head of Google’s Webspam team) can teach you in his blog. Lets see the banner (the banner is animated, but i have copied only the first frame of the ad banner).
Internet Marketing Idea

I find this as a great marketing idea since everyone that is in interested about SEO or is trying to learn more about SEO knows who Matt Cutts is which makes this ad banner well targeted and intriguing. In a certain point of view, who doesn’t want to know about SEO as much as Matt Cutts does the Google’s head of WebSpam team, but lets leave that aside for now.

Following the banner ad from the site that where link assistant’s banner was advertised I found that they were selling a SEO software, or better to say a software with which you can monitor your competitors and find out more about their winning SEO strategy they used to rank high in the SERPs. Mhmmm a software that has more brains that the Google’s head of WebSpam team..who would not want it?

In that small 468×60 banner these guys have expressed their creativity and evilness (how John Chow would define this) and used it as a internet marketing strategy for their software by comparing the software with Matt Cutts, or rather, by claiming that the software works better even if you are not Matt Cutts.

When John Chow says “How evil can you be?” does he mean to be creative or what?

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