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Since the day when Aaron Wall announced that he was going to change the business model of SEOBook and instead of selling the SEO Bible – SEO Book – he will be offering seo training services the first thing that popped in my mind was to wait for a month, time enough for Aaron to have some stats, and then make a short interview with Aaron Wall and his seo training course.

Unfortunately time is what it is and the server issues with this blog made things even harder and all this slipped out of my hands, until Aaron didn’t reminded me with his yesterdays blog post.

When my GF cleans out the house it is easy to happen that things vanish somewhere, and thats what happened with the questions I had prepared for Aaron, so I had to come up with new ones. But this time I did not went much into the specifics and didn’t asked many of the specific questions I had prepared at the beginning. I was pleased to see that Aaron had replied to my interview within few hours and has politely answered to all the questions.

Interviewing the SEO Expert

  • Astrit: When was when you really thought that the customers of SEO Book needed an online training program and interact with you and not longer the eBook?
  • Aaron: Probably about a year ago. But I was kinda slow acting because I was doing too many projects and I did a lot in the last 1.5 years… moved across the country, bought a new car, got engaged, got married, had to change the CMS, had to learn how to make video content, had to set up all the member account permissions, and a bunch of other stuff.
  • Astrit: When you were thinking about going online with the seo training program what was your main concern and fear (maybe organizing the time, getting too many subscribers and following them all?)
  • Aaron: The big fear when launching our seo training course was that some technology would break forcing me to spend all my time doing administrative stuff rather than interacting with members, and being able to extend out the site.
  • Astrit: The seo training program was a drastic business marketing change, how did this reflected your life (no worries, it is not a gossip blog where this is going to get published ;)) and what was the response from your previous customers did they accepted well this change?
  • Aaron: I was stressed…mainly from the technological worries. I have actually gotten a bit chunky from not working out enough. Even worse, I sometimes did not sleep so I would get more work done. But that lead to using caffeine and eating more. If you do not sleep enough I think you start eating too much. I really still need to get out of that. I think after I send off this interview I am going to go for a walk around the lake. 🙂
  • Astrit: Aaron, is your seo training program for people that are just stepping into the SEO world, or it aims more the advanced techniques and people that want to take their seo knowledge in a second level?
  • Aaron: It is pretty much everything I know about Internet marketing and online marketing from over 5 years of experience working about 6 days a week at about 16 hours a day. I tried to format it so that anyone can understand it, but it goes deeper than probably any other SEO or Internet marketing site for as broad of a topic range as it covers. And I plan on leveraging community feedback and interaction to keep making it better. I also want to add more SEO tools to the site.
  • Astrit: It is easy to forget to ask important questions when interviewing someone via email, is there something I missed to ask but you would want the readers of to know about your seo training program and what they should be expecting ?
  • Aaron: I think the biggest benefit of our program is not just how much information we offer, but also the community support forums. Some of the brightest minds in search share lots of tips there, and because it is not freely available to the public our forums are not plagued with noise like most SEO forums are.

I would like to thank Aaron for this interview and wish him all the best with his seo training program.

What I did actually wanted to do is to collect question for Aaron from the readers of SEO Optimization but since Aaron stated on his post that first comes first serve I wanted to speed out things, but I am sure Aaron would be glad to answer to any questions you will want to ask him. Feel free to ask your questions today on this blog post and I will make sure to convince Aaron to answer them all through comments or wrap up a new blog post answering all your questions.

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2 Responses to “Interviewing Aaron Wall of”
  1. Pretty cool interview. I have still yet to read the seo book but it will definitely be a future investment. Ill buy it through your aff link when i do.

  2. Hiya Brendon (wonder if spelled correctly your name),
    The seo book is no longer for sale. As you can see from the interview and the previous post where Aaron announced the change of his business model you’ll see that now instead of the seo book you can subscribe for online seo training, and in addition you get a copy of the seo book for free.