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On the building backlinks tip 2 I mentioned how useful could be to be a part of a community and it is also a effective way to get backlinks and some promotions for your site.

This post is to prove how my participation to helped me to speed up the activation of my Kontera account. On John Chows post Blog Word Expo – Dinner With Kontera on 9th of November I took my time and commented, on the comment I mentioned that he John should of let us know earlier so I could ask him to ask the owner why in the heck my account with Kontera is not active after 9 days (applied for Kontera on 1st November), the comment was meant to be a joke (or rather a “teaser”).

Today I read the email I was approved from Kontera and a kind lady (Katherine Larner) had contacted me personaly, here is the email she wrote:

Hi Astrit,

Thank you for signing up with Kontera. I wanted to introduce myself to you as well as tell you how successful in text advertising has been for companies comparable to yours.

I read what you wrote on John Chow’s website, and I apologize that you didn’t hear from us sooner (it is hard when you have hundreds of publishers signing up every day especially as we were at Blogworld last week). Right now I’m getting the necessary advertiser approvals in place and testing the JavaScript tags to make sure that spacing is correct and we’ve got the right blend of advertisers to match your site. I will be sending you the JavaScript tags once everything is taken care of from this side and I’d like to try and get us going by the end of this week or early next week.

Thanks again for signing up with us and I am look forward to working with you further. Please feel free to stay in touch regarding any questions you may have.


This first approach is really appreciated and it does make me think I will feel comfortable with Kontera’s support department in the near feature, even tho it took long enough to get my account approved that I have even forgot my password already (yeah I know, i have a set of passwords that I use for different accounts).

My comment on was not occasional and the teaser was intentional as I knew someone of the Kontera staff was going to read that post, and so it happened, what I can say is that John Chow indirectly speeded up the approval process of my Kontera application, so take your time and participate to popular communities get people to notice you, it helped will help you too.

Now I am waiting for the JavaScript code and to see how Kontera will work for my seo blog.

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