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Some search engines support the so named research of the root of the word, to which you add a jolly character, usually * (star) but sometimes also ? (question mark) at one side of the query, in a way that the search engine will give us on the SERPs results about variants of the word basing to the jolly character. For example, if we perform a search query for sun* we will get results of pages containing the word sunday, sunny, sunburn etc..

Google search engine does not support this technique any more, even tho in most cases it is as default.

Google search engine tho uses the jolly character for entire words instead. The jolly character can’t replace a part of a word, but it can used in a phrase if we don’t remember the whole phrase (example Google is *) and it will perform search by using the jolly character as a entire word.

If you perform a search query for Cheap SEO * in the SERPs we will have results about Cheap SEO Service, Cheap SEO Directory, Cheap SEO training, Cheap SEO consulting, Cheap SEO Company and so on.

What is the use of the jolly character?

The jolly character is not as important as the search for the root of the word, but it is very useful for beginners to experience a better searching. The jolly character can be better used in research of song lyrics for example, if there is a line of a song that you know and you want to find the whole lyric text but you don’t know the whole phrase of the song you can use the jolly character.

Jolly character can be used to complete a phrase where we don’t remember one word by using one star (*) or to find two words by using two stars (**). The jolly character is useful in the next cases

  • Control the frequency to determined a phrase, example intitle:”* seo service” or intitle:”** seo service” (i will write about intitle: in the next post)
  • Fill your empty memory, lets presume you want to find the lyrics of the song Message in the bottle but you don’t remember the whole phrase, you just remember message in the but you are not sure if its postmail, email or bottle, by performing a search “lyrics:Message in the *” you will have variations of results that can remind you of the entire phrase and find the lyrics you were looking.

Just a reminder of what i said in the post Google THE search engine, we need to know how to use Google search engine and other search engines if we want to think about SEO Optimization of our site without the need to hire a professional SEO company to do the job for us.

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