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Yesterday when I received email from Kontera I was so happy when I read the subject of the email and than shocked a bit when I continued reading the email. Mainly shocked because the way the “rules” were “presented” but thats really not a big deal so I won’t be talking about that on this blog post.

As always, it was Katherine Larner writting to me and her kind way of writing, polite and gentle as always which in a certain way her way of being gentle keeps me to continue with Kontera, after that email. I added the Kontera javascript code 11th of last month, mainly because I wanted to add a new way of monetizing this blog as I am not asking for donations nor I am charging for services, so the only way to permit that this blog can provide healthy content from seo experiments is the revenue stream I can make through affiliates and PPC ads, and if one day I get sick and tired to pull money out of my own pocket for experiments I will start selling ad spaces as well, thing which I am not doing currently.

Back to Kontera Affiliate, if PPC (Pay Per Click) does not bring enough revenue to you (depends how greedy you are mate) than you can add another stream of revenue to your site with the Kontera’s affiliate program and earn 10% of the revenue that your referrals will be making for one full year (12 months since the day the referral signs up under your affiliate ID).

What makes Kontera and their Affiliate so sweet?

If you have heard from many that the Kontera ads are annoying because of the popup that shows when hovering the ad don’t let your self go down and not signup for Kontera because it is not true at all. Most of those folks that find Kontera ads annoying are the same webmasters, and so you might (or might not) know, webmasters like to place ads on their sites but don’t like to see ads on other sites (weird we are, aren’t we?). The fact is that people do like this type of ads as they find the double underlined text as textual link of our site, once they hover over the double lined text a popup appears with the promotional message, a popup that doesn’t even slow down your computer or disturbs you to continue navigating the site as it closes once you remove your mouse from the text. In the popup are displayed details of the advertisers and what the ad is about, if user likes it or if the advertiser is good enough to write a good ad users will click. And from my experience I can tell that Kontera ads have a higher click through rate (CTR) than adsense (at least thats what has been proved in this blog).

Even tho I am not enthusiast of the income I am getting from Kontera (comparing to Google adsense) as I was in the beginning I would still advice you to use Kontera in your site to bring a extra revenue.

Optimizing your Kontera Ads

Even tho the userpanel of Kontera lacks in quality and informations, it is still easy to optimize your site for kontera, and if the lack of the userpanel usability is about to stop you, than don’t, because the staff at Kontera is so gentle, polite and willing to help (just check this blog how many I have thanked Katherine Larner in this blog) that make you feel that you don’t really need a panel (even tho I have to repeat that it would be much more useful and honest in regard of the publishers). But lets leave some space to write about Kontera optimization more in depth in a new post.

SEO and Kontera

Since the first post I wrote about my Kontera account being activated I have received hits from organic search for keywords Kontera SEO from users that were worried about their sites SEO if they use Kontera. I would like to take the opportunity and explain that on the Kontera affiliate post. Kontera’s javascript will NOT hurt your SEO more than any other javascript would, including Google adsense. The double lined text you see in your content when viewed from a browser does not add anything extra in your source code other that the JavaScript you have included, which means that the spider bots will crawl your content fluently and without any problem, adding the javascript in the footer of your site or blog right before the body closing tag will make so that the javascript is the last thing the bot will crawl and it won’t interrupt its crawl in any case.

Kontera Referral

Now if click through rates means that is significantly higher compared to other PPC ads (at least for me) this means that a website with more traffic will more likely make more revenue. If you manage to refer a user that is generating $300 monthly that means you earn $30 just because you have referred that user to Kontera and it doesn’t involve any type of work from your side.

In order to partecipate in the Kontera affiliate program there are few requirements you need to accomplish

  • You are already accepted in the Kontera’s publisher program
  • You need to actively use their JavaScript code in your site for at least 30 days

And in order to be able to get the payment from the affiliate program you still have to follow some other rules

  • You need to be running Kontera ads in your site*
  • Referral must signup through your affiliate ID
  • You must write about Kontera at least one dedicated post each quarter*

Okey now, you have seen that some of the points have the sign * (and it is bolded), so let me explain why I did that.
1). You need to be running Kontera ads in your site, so in order to participate the kontera’s affiliate program looks like you must run the Kontera javascript code in your site. But is this rule negotiable ? Oh yes folks, you can BET it is negotiable, when you have a traffic like John Chow does, you can even negotiate for a flat rate (haven’t you notice that John Chow gets paid $1000 buck every month from kontera? and he doesn’t even use their ads on his site).

2). You must write a dedicated post for Kontera each quarter, right…if I feel like I will write 10 posts this month and will not write again ever, the post rate I will feel like writing about Kontera depends on 1). Kontera and how it performs for my site and 2). How much I feel referring users to kontera. Even tho the rule is pretty simple and plain, I don’t feel like being restricted as to what I should be doing (after all, writing about Kontera from time to time is a win win situation for both, so if it works for me I will write and I will actually have what to write about). Good thing is that the Kontera staff is really polite and accommodating, so I managed to negotiate this part, but as I am feeling and thinking, there will be more than just 4 posts in the coming year about Kontera.

Moral of the post

Stop wondering about new methods to make money online and start acting, and make sure your next move is going to be Kontera and if you are greedy enough for money than use some of your time to optimize your site for kontera, wait for 30 days and participate on the Kontera affiliate program to increase your revenue, oh also, have you checked where the affiliate link lands? Straight to the signup page, which increases the probabilities of signed up users, even tho since users MUST signup under our affiliate ID it should be good for us if they write some more on that landing page instead of making users to wander around their site and than sign up.

This is what I have to say about Kontera affiliate here on SEO Optimization, if you can add anything extra, please feel so. Thank you for reading, and heck, don’t forget to signup with Kontera πŸ˜‰

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4 Responses to “Kontera Affiliate”
  1. “webmasters like to place ads on their sites but don’t like to see ads on other sites”

    You’ve just hit the nail on the head, we’re a funny old bunch.

  2. Haha, hell yeah Paul, we are indeed a funny old bunch. The fact is that critiques we receive are mainly from webmasters, telling us that ads ruins the website look, but the stats tell us a totally another thing that people don’t mind ads at all, actually they turn useful to them.

    And on this keynote, when in the heck will Kontera block the sites I requested?

  3. Great post about Kontera! Yeah I laughed to when I read the comment about ads and webmasters, so true πŸ™‚

    I have a question for you, I am a member of Kontera and I am looking at promoting Kontera through the affiliate program.

    Where do you get your affiliate ID? Or do you need to email them just like when you want to add code to other sites?

    I can tell your an affiliate for them so you would be the best guy to ask other then Kontera themselves πŸ™‚ I did a search on Google about Kontera Affiliate Program and found your blog.

    Wondering if you can help. Looking to make money through being an affiliate but need my ID code.

    Thanks in advance.


    Jamie Boyle
    Internet Marketer

  4. Hi Jamie,
    I remember back in the days that I had to contact Kontera’s support staff to obtain access and become a Kontera Affiliated.

    In that same email, the support member will describe all the rules and will provide you with an affiliate link.

    I would be looking for Katherine Larner (she was really friendly to me, and I believe she is a really friendly person too).

    Hope this helps out.