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The main goal of doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to gain targeted organic traffic that will more likely convert into customers, but as well people like to do SEO as they want to bring visitors to their blog or website which they are monetizing in one or another way. But what happens if your website or blog is in a really competitive niche and the keywords that would bring you most of the traffic are so hard to obtain first position due to lack of budged or simply the return on investment (ROI) will never cover the expenses, but you are desperate about readers that will read your content which more likely is going to be a top notch article that the viral marketing will make the boom you have been dreaming about?

There is a technique that can help you start off, a technique which unfortunately being short in time I am not able to do it on this blog at this time (maybe in January or February I will). The hint is, optimize some inner pages for less competitive keywords to obtain a good amount of traffic coming to your site.

Lets take this blog as case study, the homepage of the blog is optimized in a way that I can easily achieve good ranking for SEO Optimization and for Learn SEO, both low competitive keywords which can bring me collectively 10-30 unique visitors a day from Google search engine (never hit the first page with those keywords on Yahoo search engine or MSN search engine, so I presume if I manage to end up in first page on those two engines as well the amount of traffic would be higher, but lets presume it at low end of 70-80 uniques a day collectively). Even tho it is optimized so it ranks for those low competitive keywords I paid attention to give enough space that the blog could also compete for more competitive keywords in the feature such as for SEO and Search Engine Optimization.

Not being able as of yet to rank for those competitive keywords but being hungry for organic traffic and readers that would read this blog what I would (will) do is rank for other small keywords, thing which I have already started but haven’t as of yet optimized it to the point it should. For what other low competitive keywords could I rank with this blog and increase the traffic you might be wondering, there are tons, but just to give two examples, SEO Resource and SEO tutorial (as well as their plural meaning, seo resources and seo tutorials), lets presume that these two keywords collectively with their plurals would drive roughly another 70-80 unique visitors to the blog, which brings the total of 140-160 unique visitors a day from 4 keywords and 2 plural variation keywords. Add another 40-60 visitors from keywords that can be found in your body content but you are not optimizing your blog for those keywords too, numbers which bring our total to 200 uniques a day roughly.

Now, the time frame to rank for these keywords (all of them at once or one by one) would be in any case faster than ranking just for SEO or Search Engine Optimization, keywords which are way more competitive than our targeted ones mentioned above. Apart that we will save time to rank higher, we will also cut off the expenses for 70%-80% if we optimized to rank for 4 less competitive keywords than for one more competitive keyword, and the return in traffic would be pretty much the same (200-300 uniques a day for 1st spot on SEO or search engine optimization more likely).

The moral of this seo article, is that it is way much better to rank for more than one less competitive keyword if your site is new if you want to drive healthy traffic to your site or blog and cut in half the work required and expenses as well.

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3 Responses to “Less competitive keywords for more traffic”
  1. Since I’m focusing on less competitive keywords my traffic from search engines grow by 40%. 🙂

  2. Great advice! I don’t know if the total uniques are quite right, but the idea is perfect.

  3. Hi Brandon,
    First nice to see you around ;). Yeah the total number is not precise and it actually might differ from various aspects but the idea is there, and it works actually. It is easier to achieve search engine rankings for less competitive keywords and it is less time consuming while the results are satisfying and opens you more options.

    Hope you enjoyed the read and it was useful 😉