Link Development, 11 Experts Sharing Their Knowledge With You

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I was recently pinged by Rae Hoffman or better known as Sugarae, a seo consultant, about this great interview she made to 11 SEO experts on link development techniques they prefer and use (and I am thankful from the ping, because there is a heap of useful informations on her post).

This is one of the type of interviews that I often read on Rae’s blog (and its not her first) where a group of experts get interviewed about a certain topic and non of the interviewed experts has seen the answers of the others (so they can tell their unique method on link development rather than just being influenced a tiny bit from one or another experts answer).

The interview is well long, and it covers techniques such as

  • Preferred Top 5 or 10 “open” link sources
  • Do you fill in your pants talking about link building in public (Rae is tricky eh?)
  • Also a question flies on internal linking and how the experts stress that for their clients
  • How would “the interviewed seo expert” train a link developer for 7 days
  • Reciprocal Linking, what the experts say about it?

I named just few of the questions (the presented questions in this page have been slightly modified) that Rae Hoffman has asked the interviewed SEO experts, but there are more you can learn about link development on Rae’s 11 Experts on Link Development Speak Out interview.

Thought this might turn very useful for many to understand about link development, and your seo learning process can start from Rae’s link bait (this same post). Now it would be good if Rae would bite and help me out with the SEOContest2008 (you know, a free push is always welcome).

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