Links from word cloud sites are worthless

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It’s been months already that I see tons of text link advertising offers on word-cloud web site’s advertised on webmaster, web hosting and domain name forums. Is it really worth to spend money for text links on that kind of web site’s? I would definitively say NO, it is totally worthless. Why would one actually want to have a text link on a site that is full of other links and the content (just being sarcastic, there is NO content on such sites, just cloud of words, hence why they are called word-cloud website).

Apart this fact, you are buying a text link with your anchor text mostly for Google Page Ranking purpose, but, on this kind of sites you will find 100-200 or even 500 links, and SE’s recommend no more then 100 outgoing links. And as second problem that will appear, which also regards the PageRanking algorithm, even if the word cloud site has a high PR, lets say PR5 the value of that PR will incredibly diminish because of the huge amount of those outgoing links.

So it remains a fact, paying for text link on a word-cloud website it is a waste of money and the link to your site will be worthless. So you better wisely buy text links for your web site.

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One Response to “Links from word cloud sites are worthless”
  1. SEO Tips says:

    Actually you are right as and its is well known that a page with tremendous amount of dofollow links on it is treated as a spam page.