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Okey, this is really off topic and it does not have to anything with SEO, internet marketing, make money online or anything webmaster related, so I would ask you to apology me for this post but i just could not resist to share this with you, it is hilarious.

I was actually on a webmaster forum and surfing the sales thread to see if there is someone selling a promising site for bargain cheap, some times I just entertain myself while surfing on such forums and also trying to have a clue of how the market is moving since there are always more and more webmasters that build websites and sell them (turnkey sites or old established sites).

During the entertaining minutes I end up on this site called MagicTrance, on the illusion category there are some images (some cool some not working), but what made me go off topic like this is the next image
Magic Man

Do the next to see the magic of this image

  • Stare the image at the four dots in the center for like 20-45 seconds
  • Find a (white) wall in the room slowly and look at it close up. You should see something, blink your eyes and tell me what do you see?

Well sometimes SEO Optimization might seem as magic trick to some of you, and to some others just an illusion. But the fact is, that you can do seo too.

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