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Make Money Online | September 15th, 2007 | 5 Comments

If you are one of those that is looking to buy products or anything related to internet marketing, building a online business, increase traffic, blogging, web design and anything webmaster related than the place to search for is DealDotCom.

DealDotCom is going to launch online on 18th of September (this Tuesday) as a mega discount site for internet marketing products including softwares, ebooks and more. DealDotCom has passed the last 4 months stalking the internet marketers that sell high quality products and convincing them to let them sell those products on DealDotCom with huge discounts.

On DealDotCom marketplace you will be able to find only 1 product for sale each day. The price of the product that is going to be on sale for that same day is going to be really low and the number of sales is going to be limited for that same product. If that day the number of the copies that need to be sold won’t be reached the product will not remain on the sales page the next day, it will be instead replaced with a new product at midnight.

Time to sell your products

If you have a product that you are already selling through your website or from any other resources and you can’t find the right market place to sell your product give a try to DealDotCom and list your product to be sold on DealDotCom. However to get your product sold on DealDotCom you have to offer them a deal, as they state in their site

Also, note the name of this website – DealDotCom… the operative word here being DEAL. Whatever you’re selling through us must be an actual DEAL. Offering $10 off a $500 product is definitely not a deal. Likewise, allowing us to sell your $47 product for $97, and letting us keep the extra fifty bucks is most certainly not a deal.

Make Money from Affiliates

If you don’t have a product to sell but you are still willing o make money online with DealDotCom you might want to consider to sign up with DealDotCom’s Affiliate Program. The DealDotCom affiliate program pays you 35% of any user you will refer to DealDotCom and create a free account with them. The users will be than recorded into your affiliate program and whenever (after a day, a week or a year) they purchase a product from DealDotCom you earn 35% of commission.

That is the first tier of the affiliate program, not bad huh? Well there is more, DealDotCom Affiliate offers a second tier affiliate. Now whats this? If a user you have referred to DealDotCom that has created an account refers a friend or another user that signs up with DealDotCom it will result in your second tier DealDotCom Affiliate account. Whenever this third user purchases a product of DealDotCom you earn 15% of commission on the sale. It is brilliant isn’t it?

Why to register with DealDotCom today?
That question makes sense, why register with them today if they open the doors on 18th of September? In internet marketing the first that signs up gets the most of the juice. Those that signed up with Text Link Ads affiliates long time ago got the big juice and made the big money while people were still about to find out that actually Text Link Ads exists.

The same game applies here with DealDotCom, the project is now, the market still doesn’t know this place good enough and taking the advantage to refer users to DealDotCom now will get you take all that tasty juice of money.

Sign up today with DealDotCom and make easy money from home.

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5 Responses to “Make a DealDotCom”
  1. this looks like it is going to be a popular website, considering how successful the prelaunch has gone!

  2. Thanks for the info. I’m definitely going to join this one – 35% is excellent commission. Much better than the crummy 5% I make on some products. Thank you.

  3. Hi Thomas and Cath,
    Indeed the dealdotcom seems to become really popular (something like Woot! maybe..?) but the good thing (which I mostly like) is that it is oriented mainly to internet marketing, webmastering products.

    I can’t wait to see whats the first product going to be this Tuesday.

    To Cath, indeed, the commission is great (but than, we will have to see at what price the products are going to be on sale). And guess what, you earn 5% on second tier.

  4. […] Whats better to know yet is that the insanely discounted prices story as it was announced on make a dealdotcom. […]