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Make Money Online | July 25th, 2007 | 4 Comments

There are many ways to make money online or even at least to create a bill pay website and one of these numerous ways is Link Worth. With LinkWorth you have the opportunity to be found online by many buyers that are interested to buy advertising for their business.

Different opportunities of making money online are available to you with LinkWorth, starting from selling text links, paid blog post, using PPC ads (just as Google AdSense ads) and they share tips and tricks how to earn more money online at their LinkWorth blog. Another stream of revenue you can earn from LinkWorth is through their affiliate marketing program, the only frustration I had impact with this is the code they provide is JavaScript, the javascript code will slow down a little our website.


LinkWorth will actually pay 70% of the commission unlike their competitors that pay only 50% of the commission from what you sell, this most likely will increase your income. Lets say you sell text link ads with another text link network for $10 a month, the company will halt 50% and you will receive only $5 while with LinkWorth you will receive $7 if you sell text links for the same price.

I will try to invite Ron of LinkWorth to give us more information about LinkWorth, just as i invited Alex Choo to give us more information on the WP Text Ads WordPress plugin. (Both, Ron and Alex have been on this blog before, and they commented on the bill pay website by selling text link ads and were kind enough to let the readers know more options on how to make money online).

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4 Responses to “Make Money Online with LinkWorth”
  1. Ron says:

    Hey there! Thanks for the kind words and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

    As you stated, we do pay one of the higher rates in this market at 70%. Sure, we find the spenders, but they couldn’t do anything without our partners. So we try to be fair but still make our percentage enough to survive. We do have a 50/50 account type where we’ll give first shot to those preferred partners.

    We have an entire suite of products you can read all about here:

    We have the traditional text link ads, paid blog reviews, selling keywords within your existing content, in-text pay per click ads and so on. We try to create a marketplace where a blogger could sign up and maximize their earning potential with one single login. Along those same lines, Advertisers can just login to one place and setup campaigns using a vast array of products that enables them to build the strongest campaigns possible.

    We’ll actually be exhibiting at the upcoming SES Show in San Jose the week of August 20th. We urge all to come as the entire event is worth the trip. Plus we would love to hang out and get to know our customers personally.

    Ron Wicker

  2. DNSeo says:

    Hey Ron,
    Thanks for the prompt response (and of course for saving me time to email you, that was really was, did not had time to email you even).

    I signed up with LinkWorth even tho for the moment i have no intend to sell links on my blog (but i do have another site which i might consider to jump into this new venture). From the panel i saw it was pretty helpful, even tho the sign-up process was a bit long but very helpful to determine for what a user applies. I also loved the inside panel that is user friendly and well detailed. Unfortunately i have missed some options for the publishers such as selling keywords within your existing content, in-text pay per click ads, which give more options to publishers to make money from their website.

    What I would like (and my readers too i believe) to hear is how LinkWorth chose partners, is based on Alexa ranking, page rank or what? Can anyone actually sign up and become a partner or the user must meet some certain criteria in order to defend the advertisers as well.

  3. Ron says:

    Actually, we do not limit anyone based on statistical values. We base submissions on if the site is an active site with valuable content. Just because someone doesn’t have a high PR or Alexa ranking doesn’t mean that site wouldn’t be valuable to some people. So if you have a niche site that has enough content for a specific theme, we’ll accept you. Of course, the statistical values come into play when you price your site.

    We definitely will not allow a site with no rankings to list their site at $500. The goal is to make the customer and LinkWorth money, so pricing yourself out of the game makes no sense. In this situation, we would just decline the submission and give suggestions on the price. If they decide to list at pricing more reasonable, then we’ll be happy to take it.

    hope this helps

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