Miscellaneous Ramblings for 9-17-2007

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I know i know, it is Monday and usually the ramblings go on Sunday. I am late this time, apologies (like you really care, do you?). I was actually thinking if i should continue to call these rounds Miscellaneous Ramblings or rather “Things you didn’t read” what do you say, what would be the appropriate name? (would appreciate an advice). Now back to the ramblings. I Believe this was a good mixed posts week, from seo tutorials to make money online. Ok lets get started.

The V7N Directory

This is a web directory to which I have respect and without any troubles I would recommend anyone to submit their site at V7N Directory. The quality and traffic of V7N Directory is what many other web directories lack at and hence got penalty.
Submit your site now

Make a DealDotCom

If you are into internet marketing, web design, blogging or anything related with webmaster but you find a little expensive the products that you need to grow up as webmaster than DealDotCom is the right place for you. DealDotCom is about to launch tomorrow and has already created big buzz on internet. At DealDotCom you will be able to find the internet marketing products of your interest at a insanely discounted prices. Apart that, for those that are interested to make money online with DealDotCom affiliate program they can. Any referral you refer to DealDotCom and purchases a product you get 35% of commission. But this is just the first tier affiliate, if the person you referred to DealDotCom refers another person and that third person acquires a product from DealDotCom you make 15% of commission, what else would you want? 😉
Signup with DealDotCom

Arrested for Googlebombing

This is the article that made the most of the buzz on SEO Optimization for this week. The article was featured on Aaron Wall’s Blog, had several Digg, Sphinn and Stumble submission, in simple words the article made the 78.40% of the pageviews for the 4 days it was featured. I am wondering if people liked the story because someone got arrested for Googlebombing or because it was another prove that Googlebombing days are not over yet.

Title Optimization

If we want to rank higher in the search engine serps we need to seriously optimize our title. Search Engines and mainly Google search engine gives a lot of importance to the title of your pages. The title optimization article explains the process how to chose the right keywords and how we should make a combination of keywords in the title of our pages to gain the maximum of benefits. Combination of keywords helps us to compete for more than one keyword for the same given page which would than raise significantly the traffic of that page (compared if we target only one keyword for that same page).

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2 Responses to “Miscellaneous Ramblings for 9-17-2007”
  1. PHP eBook says:

    Re: DealDotCom … These things always make me feel like “The rich get richer”. I bet the big bloggers get literally a thousand referrals under them, and they make a ton of money off the deal – meanwhile it’s not as though I’m going to get anyone to sign up.

  2. You are right on that one. But that is just because the big bloggers already have the audience to who they can sell.

    And thats why I would recommend you not to worry about the money until you won’t be received a decent amount of traffic to your website. Said this, i don’t mean you should not experiment affiliates and other sources of revenue (just make sure they match with your website’s/blogs audience) give them something that might be useful AND interesting to them.