Miscellaneous Ramblings for 9-9-2007

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It’s Sunday and it is the Miscellaneous Ramblings turn. I started the Miscellaneous Ramblings back in the end of August (pretty fresh) with the first post Miscellaneous Ramblings 8-20-2007 and i have intentions to keep on going with it. Nothing bad to remind readers about the previous posts or to get known the old posts with new readers.

Win SEO Made Easy eBook

This is my first contest and hope it works good and will be useful for those that are interested to learn seo. In this contest you can win SEO Made Easy ebook. Participating in this contest is pretty easy and it won’t take you more than 10 minutes in total, you just need to comment on the win seo made easy ebook contest post, write about this contest and to subscribe to my full read RSS. Read the post to learn how you can win seo made easy ebook.

Building a Brand

Presented my new logo to the readers of SEO Optimization blog and discussed how powerful a brand name can be. I took as example the Cocal Cola brand and the McDonald’s brand, two of the MOST known brands that we would recognize just if we see the colors. Give a read to building a brand.

Web Directory Penalization

Google is hitting on directories. It was about time to be honest, the net was getting filled up with web directories and so did the SERPs. Finally Google search engine started with the web directory penalization, now the web directories don’t rank even for their names on the Google SERPs. Seems like Google started to clean up their SERPs and give us quality web results, but happens with the wiki jacking? WikiPedia is #1 in the SERPs of Google for almost ALL high competitive keywords and in most cases it does not present us with the so called quality search results.

Google PageRank ?

It seems so long since the last PageRank update back in April, long enough that we have forgot about Google PageRank, almost. Users of the most discussed and active webmaster forum DigitalPoint keep on asking and wondering, what happened with Google PageRank ? It almost makes me think that someone stole the PageRank and now the babies are crying. Actually there was a discussion about Google removing the PageRank score before, maybe this is the case why we don’t see a PageRank update, or simply…Google has started doing something to fight the text link ads sellers/buyers that trick their algorithm and ended messing up something?

Other Ramblings

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those that have contributed to SEO Optimization blog with their comments, discussions and gave me ideas with their comments. The commentators count in this blog is still low but i feel like it is improving day by day, but for now, thanks goes to:

A special thanks goes to Lewis Empire that gave me the idea to thank the commentators. His around the blog and back again was what inspired me to thank my readers that have took their time to contribute SEO Optimization by commenting.

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6 Responses to “Miscellaneous Ramblings for 9-9-2007”
  1. Hi there. Great idea. And you are welcome. I really enjoy your blog.

  2. Adam Dempsey says:

    Thanks for the mention 🙂

  3. Thank you both, Catherine and Adam.

    I am trying to keep on going and provide with useful informations and resources for the readers and I hope i will be able to go on for a long time and face many challenges. It takes a long time and lots of experiments before i can even be able to publish a seo tip, and lately I am seriously thinking about writing a SEO Optimization Guide eBook but i see Google dancing and making lots of changes in their algorithm so maybe it would be smart to wait until the final algorithm changes have been made and everything gets back stable as before.

  4. PHP eBook says:

    Hey. Thanks for mentioning me. Now I’ve reached a technorati authority of 1! Sorry I didn’t leave my name… but I think it’s better SEO to not enter your actual name for all those comment links, no?

    – Chris

  5. Yes indeed it is Chris, but only if you get to post on blogs which have a do-follow plugin enabled or at least you get in the top commentators list (as you are on here).

    No worries, good to know you.

  6. PHP eBook says:

    Ah I see. I am still learning a lot, I didn’t realize that there were “do-follows” and that all my comments weren’t linking up – but that expalins why I suddenly started getting pingbacks.

    Thanks for all your great information.