My New (used) Computer

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Thats right, that little AMD Athlon lovely computer of mine that supported all the types of tortures I was making to him this morning left me. It died, it got burned, it doesn’t work…and all my files are now gone (well almost all).

Last night while I was working on my computer the windows system alerted me that I have occupied too much space on the hard disk and that it needs at least 200MB of available diskspace in order that Windows works properly. Well, I am not sure if I said to him shut up or I simply ignored it, I know that I removed just some files but didn’t continued removing more files which I could remove since they were of no use for me anymore.

This morning when I woke up I started my computer (as I always do, while i head off to kitchen to prepare me a coffee). When I got back i saw the computer was still turned off, tried to turn it on again but nothing no sign, used the switch in the back of the machine and it started working again…for few seconds and than shuttled down again. As i was under the desk to remove all the cables to remove the harddisk and use it as a secondary disk on the other computer so I could remove most of the files and see if it works I noticed that little red button which I wish I had never notice it. Thats the switch of electricity voltage…well I did that what You would have never done. Yup, right, i moved the voltage switch and i heard a small POW and another POW and than I saw the smoke coming out.

God bless you AMD Athlon I said

This lovely AMD Athlon worked for me great, it was really old and hence I could do most of my works on it and was mainly using it as backup for files of customers and personal websites. Hence I had to take off again the hard disk and put it on the other computer to backup some of the important files.

Welcome Pentium 4 2.8

Well i could not torture in the same way the other computer I have (a Dual Core) so I had to get me a new computer that will be used for all the works. I went to a computer store and got a used Pentium 4 2.8 with (now I am shy) 512MB ram memory and 80 gigabyte of hard disk. Sounds good to be tortured no?…right. Well the computer seems to work nice (even tho I haven’t yet installed all the softwares I use).

Before I bought the new (used) Pentium 4 I had to wait couple hours for them to make all the necessary updates on it, so I want to the nearest library where I live and got on internet. I found like 3/4 comments with signatures. Was already frustrated because I could not get doing things since early in the morning (I love beating the time) and than these comments, I could not resist and hence the comment abuse post. Apologies to anyone if felt that post was strong and maybe put someone in doubt if he should be commenting on this blog or not, but thats my opinion and I will stand on it.

Now, lets see how this Pentium 4 will serve me 😉

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