New Google Analytics Broken ?

Open topic | December 16th, 2007 | 2 Comments

It has been few days since Google Analytics presented a new version, where you could compare one site with another and see which one performs better. The fact is that, since the new Google Analytics version was presented the number of pageviews in Google AdSense and with Kontera do not match for ALL of my sites. For some sites it doesn’t even report a single visitor while AdSense reports pageviews.

I remember when they introduced the previous version they had some problems with the analytics, and it took almost a week to get it fixed and work fluently. Now again, they introduce a new version of analytics and again reports don’t really match. Some of the new features that can be seen in the new analytics version.

  • Compare visits for two different months
  • Compare pageviews for two different months
  • Compare bounce rate for two different months
  • Compare search engine organic traffic for two different months

In simple words, the new analytics gives you more informations about your site as how you performed last month and this month, you can see how slowly your website is improving in terms of traffic, the time visitors spend your site, bounce rate, new visits and the sweet part, SEO, it gives you a comparison stats of your organic traffic, the past month which keyword how much traffic drove to your site and current month how much traffic is driving to your site. All these stats that can REALLY help you analyze your site better and improve there where it lacks, a pitty tho that it seems like it still needs some improvements.

Do your stats with Analytics pageviews VS AdSense pageviews match?

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2 Responses to “New Google Analytics Broken ?”
  1. Mike Huang says:

    Thanks for reminding me about the new feature. I totally forgot about it.


  2. Hi Mike 😉

    Glad to hear that, the new options can really turn useful, and as update things start to match now again (referring to pageviews on G Analytics and G AdSense).